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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2010 2010-11-29


Attending: Jason, Chris, Carlos, Ola


Discuss and clarify priorities on tasks until the end of the year 2010.


Jason, Chris, Carlos, Ola


  1. According to the developers meeting all tasks were specified on Requirement #3297.

  2. Prioritized tasks are:

    • unittests for Webadmin #3445,
    • cleaning up documentation #3300,
    • merging gateway (NO TICKET !).
  3. The above tasks will give Carlos, Will and Ola clean starting point to do further development.

  4. Confirmed deadline for those tasks is 17th Dec.

  5. TODO:

    • everyone needs to put owner and estimation on their ticket under the #3297 if possible,
    • Carlos could possible create a ticket for merging webgateway and omero.gateway starting from the r8628,
    • short WEB meeting is scheduled on Monday late morning once a week. upcoming: 6/12/2010 and 13or14/12/2010 (Ola and Will are on the ASCB that time, they will notify Carlos how it will suite them),
    • once all changes are mostly done, we could possible email ome-devel about having complex python gateway and possible usage,
    • upgrading 3rd party libraries, django, flup, etc. (if we got time),
    • selenium tests (if we will have time)
    • Ola will create tickets for: upgrade 3rd party libraries (unscheduled), hudson bash scripts (current sprint),
    • Chris is going to show what the 'Tagging' is on Thursday,
    • due to heavy snow, Will could possible give his feedback as soon as he managed to get back to the office.
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