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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2014-03-20


Attending: Will, Balaji, Dominik, Helen (remote), Gus (remote)


  1. Move relevant cards from UX priorities List to priorities-list apps-release and priorities-for-clients
    • Some confusion over what the difference is between the "UX priorities List" and "priorities for clients".
  2. Rendering settings workflow discussion See rendering-settings
    • Promote the knowledge of other user's settings by showing thumbnails by default
    • Include the 'Reset' thumbnail here
    • Show who the owner is: Will Moore (owner)
    • Can the remove "Reset" and "Saved by" from toolbar in preview panel
    • Don't change right-click menus on thumbnails or tree (keep as they are)
  3. First draft from Gus strictly-read-only-permissions
    • Lack of info on what the technical changes are, AND what users want
    • Ask Josh for clarity on what's supported.
    • Need new term instead of 'read-only': 'Locked'.
    • Gus will contact Josh
  4. Webclient central panel - big refactor to add extra columns (tags, rois etc). Thought I'd created a trello card but can't find it now!
    • Basic functionality of filtering by Tags has never been in webclient
    • Also want to allow filtering/sorting by ROI count, comments etc.
    • Much more complexity in the client (and current code is already too messy)
    • Will use backbone.js (as in OMERO.figure and trello) to clean things up
    • Separate code for central panel into a new Django app (similiar to webtagging) although this will be part of the core code.


  1. Will: If Any specific features for figure, add to apps-release
    • Less focus on OMERO.figure now that it is available to nightshade users
    • But, still needs to be deployed on nightshade 'proper'
    • Let's try to encourage a few more users
    • Gus will spread the word at Crief
    • Tell them that next Thursday drop-in will be OMERO.figure focus
    • Will to e-mail existing users to 'spread the word'
    • Helen will mention it in next drop-in session e-mail
    • Next major features will be:
      • Max intensity projection
      • Interpolation (to boost DPI)
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