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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2014-02-06


Attending: J-M, Gus, Ola, Balaji, Dominik


  1. 5.0.1 status
    1. 11 tickets
  2. loci_tools.jar
  3. Mock-up
    1. In place Import
  4. Outreach
    1. Data preparation, follow-up Dundee Science Centre
    2. Workshop date for CMDN
  5. AOB
    1. Youtube official account


  1. 5.0.0 status/loci_tools:
    1. Search blocker for CLS. Ola to test with JB recent PRs.
    2. Certificate: Ola. problem when deploying internally e.g. CLS. They use webstart
    3. Gus: prepare documentation for ImageJ, prepare screenshots with rc. Will clean up screenshots using Photoshop.
  2. QA:
    1. Performance testing on hold.
    2. Prepare workshop for Nottingham. Demo CellProfiler and OMERO. Few tricks to do in order to get it to work
    3. @action J-M: contact Lee to organize discussion and closer integration.
    4. @action Gus, Balaji: to meet next week to discuss SPW and mock-up existing HCS workflow. Use Trello card
  3. Mock-up:
    1. In-place import ready.
    2. Target is 5.0.1 for client change. @action J-M to create tickets.
  4. Outreach:
    1. Prepare images for outreach. Cell, DICOM, small HCS.
    2. @action: Helen to contact Erin to check status
    3. @action: Gus to contact friend who is a Biology teacher.
    4. Balaji: helpful to have specific scenarios for user sessions.
    5. @action: J-M send e-mail to Ian leight possible session 05/03 and 12/03 overlunch. noon to 2pm
  5. AOB:
    1. Discuss breaking scc tag for prototype work. Ola will use for viewer embedded in website
    2. Documentation:
      1. @action: Ola Redhat/centos install
      2. @action Dominik Fedora.
    3. Youtube: @action: J-M to speak to Will and Helen about it.

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