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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2014-01-23


Attending: Balaji, Petr, Ola, Gus, Will, J-M


  1. 5.0.0 status
    Bugs Ola (2) J-M (2)
    Custom login
  2. Meeting and workshops
    OMERO site visits
  3. QA. Squash
  4. Trello Board usage
  5. Youtube official account
  6. Virtual microscope Priority List
  7. OMERO.figure versioning & testing in preparation for nightshade deploy. E.g. webtagging releases


  1. 5.0.0 status
    1. Ola: increase priority of bugs. Not doable this week. Migrating server CLS. Will to look at the tickets.
    2. J-M: to work on them asap
  2. Meeting and workshops
    1. Contact made. Waiting on reply
    2. Sussex: 10/03 works. Will & Gus to go.
  3. QA Squash
    1. Server not ready. On Kenny's list
    2. Balaji and Petr to run a training session when ready
  4. Trello
    1. Create OMERO.figure list items to be added.
    2. Discussed usage.
    3. Labels to add when we start to use it
    4. Combine with trac.
  5. Youtube
    1. Official account to be created
    2. Will: add notes to movies documentation page with settings for youtube
    3. Will: help sorting out and prepare a new figure video
  6. Virtual microscope Priority List
    1. Ola/Gus: add cards on Trello board
  7. OMERO.figure versioning & testing
    1. Follow Douglas's example.
    2. Version of files similar to DB patch
    3. Testing tomorrow am. Add comments to g.doc, Will to convert into cards on UX Board.
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