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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2014-01-09


Attending: Gus, Petr, Ola, Will, Helen, J-M

  1. OMERO clinic
    1. Room booked every thursday 10-12.WTB 2 North Meeting Room
    2. Initially for internal users. Could be opened to external via remote access.
    3. E-mail to send. Name suggestion?
  2. Meeting and workshops
    1. ABRF: 22-25/03. Running a workshop on 22/03. Petr/J-M are going. We might need a 3rd person
    2. Crieff: 21-23/03. Short presentation and schedule workshops post Crieff. Gus registered.
    3. Manchester: running workshop 30/06 prior to congress.
  3. OMERO teaching tool: Gus/Ola
  4. Scoping
    1. Duplicate Import Gus: anything new to look at - yes new mockups added to doc.
    2. Copy/Paste... J-M/Petr/Will: report
  5. Bugs
    1. 5.0.0
    2. External


  1. OMERO clinic
    1. e-mail ready to be sent out. OMERO drop-in session
    2. Helen to tweet
    3. J-M: notify michael (Done)
  2. Meeting
    1. [ABRF]
      1. J-M: submitted abstract yesterday.
      2. Probably need an extra person for the workshop on 22/03. TBD. June to register J-M/Petr
    2. Crieff:
      1. Gus: registered yesterday. At least a Poster
      2. similar to the GRE poster. Helen to add logo (twitter, etc)
      3. Gus: prepare doc to give away
    3. Manchester
      1. Helen/Ola happy to help if required
  3. Teaching tool
    1. Notify via social media when new semester start
    2. Review of the notes taken during meeting with Melanie
    3. usage of facebook
    4. Location of last section of the image view.
    5. To review in more details and create relevant tickets
    6. Check server status w/ Kenny
  4. Scoping
    1. Duplicate Import
    2. J-M: run test to check performance.
    3. No pop-up if duplicate button on row and general button
    4. Duplicate option (name/checksum) to be reviewed. Wording not clear, tooltip etc.
    5. Gus: update mockup
    6. Copy/Paste etc
    7. Rename action to avoid confusion
    8. Deprecate "remove" in web
    9. Remove of FA: warning before deleting.
    10. Delete warning
    11. Create corresponding tickets
  5. Bugs:
    1. 5.0.0: FYI
      1. J-M/Will to work on the bugs
    2. External:
      1. Petr/Gus Meeting 10/01 to select the ones to fix first.
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