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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-10-31


Attending: Gus, Ola, Petr, Seb, Will, Helen


  1. Tool for Scenario
    1. Final call
  2. CLI tests +client testing
  3. GRE poster


  1. Petr's report.
    1. Preferences go for Squash.
    2. Check where the screenshots will leave so testers can see them while browsing scenario
    3. Issue with report when exporting it. But not a blocker
    4. @action Petr: convert few scenarios so we can do a last round with tester and prepare training session
    5. @action J-M: talk to Kenny about server we can use. (Cannot be slow!)
  2. CLI tests (J-M/Seb)
    1. Use python for integration tests.
    2. Lack of tests
    3. Usage of CLI for some workflow using the robotframework, Could be validated using other clients. e.g. Web.
  3. Robot testing
    1. Petr to start with the standard Creation test.
    2. Ola: keyword generation work on hold. We need to have a better idea of the structure required.
    3. Will: open PR with more tests.
  4. Windows testing
    1. Need to be a priority for next round. Desktop and IE mainly
    2. Windows 7 (2013 ~ 65% of Windows usage) usage increasing since 2011, Windows XP declining (2013 ~ 20% of Windows usage). XP end of life 08/04/2014
    3. Helen: NHS mainly using Windows XP and no plan to move away yet.
    4. J-M/Petr to synch and prepare clear plan.
  5. GRE poster
    1. FLIMfit, U-track, Michael's tool. Gus has screenshots
    2. Public data: Jason's lab page
    3. Web figure: Will to take screenshot
    4. Will to prepare poster with Helen for text. Review next week.
  6. Ola report of activity
    1. IP in DB
    2. Important for read-only and public usage.
    3. Plan to work on more metrics (server side to start with)
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