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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-10-16


Attending: J-M, Will, Ola, Petr, Gus


  1. Scoping Gus status
  2. Candidate duplicate import
  3. Top Annoying Bugs
  4. Tool for Scenario
  5. 5.0.0-beta2
    1. Main focus is on upgrade.
    2. Test planning


  1. Scoping

    1. Looking into the Import Duplicate Thread. Gus
    2. Discussion around move and data duplication in general. Important for public data.
    3. Look into Viewer (Web/insight). See idea of Will's work (Figure app)
  2. Pet/Gus

    1. Merge the various bugs lists into one so it is easier to follow.
  3. Pert Go over testing tools next week for final evaluations.

  4. Will/Ola: prep for MozFest (presentation/examples)

  5. [5.0.0-beta2]

    1. J-M looking at the robot job so we can integrate the web ones.
    2. J-M/Will look at tickets from bugs list to add to milestone
    3. Petr: evaluate opening ReadWrite in clients.
  6. Check with kenny where Will's app could be installed.

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