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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-10-14


Attending: J-M, Gus, Will, Ola, Petr


  1. pre-FS FS migration
  2. Top Annoying Bugs and Beta2
    1. Status: Web/insight
    2. QA bugs policy
  3. Web Figure status
  4. Outreach team.


  1. pre-FS, FS testing
  2. Petr: Happy with first 2 rounds.
  3. J-M & Petr are going over the reports and created tickets.
  4. Phase III planned for next week
  5. Reports bugs fixing.
  6. J-M: we need to prep for release, Fixing bugs in sprint is the priority
  7. Fix IE8 major bugs. We cannot drop it
  8. QA policy: Petr tickets created from QA must be critical or higher. Ola to modify QA
  9. J-M & Josh: new report for "external tickets" goal is to fix them asap.
  10. Will to look at Web start issue.
  11. Gus: multi-groups in Web. No work done, evaluation not completed. Probably one month of work.
  12. Outreach
  13. Meeting 28/11 with user for WebFigure evaluation. We keep until then into daily build
  14. Demo of Virtual Microscope 18/11 at Ninewells. Ola/Gus
  15. 26/11 First OMERO session GRE J-M created sheet for June.
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