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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-10-02


Attending: J-M, Ola, Will, Gus, Petr


  1. Web Insight synchronization
    1. Prep work for next phase
  2. Top Annoying Bugs
    1. Prep work for next phase
  3. Mock-up to implement
    1. Plan next phase of work
  4. FigureShop presentation (Will)


  1. Gus to go over the document and curate.
  2. Gus and Petr to add items to the top ten for next meeting
  3. List to consider
    1. Customization login screen
    2. Tagging insight. J-M to talk to Chris about web
    3. User/Group selection. Ola to evaluate how long it will take to adjust the web so we can plan
  4. Will presented the work on figures tool
    1. Good feedback
    2. Option to replace the mini-viewer in main page.
    3. Split view idea could be applied to all clients
    4. Tool to be reviewed next meeting and plan next steps.
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