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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-08-09


Attending: J-M, Gus, Ola, Will


  1. Public Data update
  2. P Felts update
  3. Mockups status & notes review RFE-UX Discussion List
  4. GUI testing set-up and status


  1. Public Data update
    1. No return from e-mail sent in June.
    2. Technical problem to check: Rendering settings in public group
    3. Gus: to contact few possible interested groups
    4. Will discussed with Nicola Stanley-Wall: not aware of some scripting options. Gus met her before.
    5. Public Gallery PR discussion
  2. P. Felts UI customisation
    1. Groups/Users menu can be customised to hide general users. PR 1294
    2. Propagate changes to insight. To be considered Group/user mock-up
    3. Issue with pdf attachments.
    4. J-M: Training session schedule? None yet.
    5. More data to come, no timeline yet.
  3. Gus mock-up:
    1. Propose order of investigation: 1 Group/users, 2. Container creation 3. Search UI
    2. Gus to send graffle around when updated.
    3. Group/Users options not all available in web.
  4. GUI testing set-up and status
    1. Discussion occurred in the morning J-M, Will, Mark Testing doc
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