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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-05-16


Attending: Jean-Marie, Gus, Petr, Elwood, Ola

  1. PiCLS

    • Jean-Marie: everything set up / ready?
    • Gus: yes, 1st coffee break is at 10:45
    • Petr: Will attend the breaks
    • Jean-Marie: Gus, Ola & Petr
    • Gus: Novice users, play it by ear
    • Jean-Marie: someone to help out afterwards just let us know
    • Gus: Use warlock / nightshade as required
  2. Import FS demo status

    • Elwood: Redesign for FS is progressing
    • Jean-Marie: want to get things setup for the testing
    • Jean-Marie: Blazej ome-adhoc for checksum testing
    • Jean-Marie: OME-XML issues need investigating
    • Jean-Marie: internal demo of FS import process
    • Jean-Marie: We will be doing progressive PRs adding features at a time
    • Elwood: We want to try and get functionality in before addressing minor UI issues
    • Jean-Marie: Final L&F will not be complete, we can refine this later on
  3. Web

    • Ola: Looking at Panojs tile sizes. Will take some effort.
    • Jean-Marie: tiling is rectangular instead of square tiles, need to consider performance profiling
    • Jean-Marie: if you come across an image at processing or generating metadata for OME-XML let us know
  4. MIF investigation see g.doc

    • Jean-Marie: consider having a MIF container in the main panel with small thumbnails that you can expand / minimize
    • Ola: plate type view
    • Jean-Marie: use the right hand panel to show images that are not in the same dataset
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