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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-04-21


Attending: J-M, Gus, Petr

  1. Visit & Demo plan

    • Publishing images doc
    • Notes
      • Turn into sphinx doc when ready
      • Hopefully e-mail out by next week
      • Will: to describe admin set-up required to enable Public view.
      • Cancel rooms for next week.
      • Gus preferences to focus on groups instead of a large e-mail
      • J-M: get data from Gartner's group. Scott did a demo a while ago.
  2. Testing File formats plan

    • Full File formats testing: Tuesday/Wednesday. J-M to prepare the page (re-use g.doc)). Server: howe
  3. Testing Review

    • Report
      • 2 major issues:
      • User's View in Web - does not show "mixed" D / P / I
      • Plates thumbs not visible in Web (in case of multi well and other user's)
    • Notes
      • Great work from Petr. Permissions went testing when fairly smoothly
      • Petr: ask testers feedback so he can improve scenario.
      • Will/J-M: review doc and mark the ones for Petr/Gus
      • Gus: add entry to log doc
  4. AOB

    • Import as to be ready for a demo first week of April
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