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Attending: Ola, Petr, Gus, Elwood, Jean-Marie, Will

  1. Permissions feedback statusg.doc.

    • Jean-Marie: Some permission testing to go through.
      • User permissions to be looked over by Gus
    • Jean-Marie: Will and I need to go over permission issues / bugs
    • Elwood & Gus to look though and check status
  2. Early mockups of tag filtering - Tag Filtering Mockup V1.

    • Will: Look at the design and refine with Gus.
    • Will: tag related, need a better sample set. Fine with 10 tags, what number of tags do we want to test with.
    • Will: Went through gene ontology, 39k tags. Looked at using leaves and parents for tags / tagsets. Aim to include in test data setup.
  3. Import as status

    • Jean-Marie: happy with what’s there, 1 bug to address.
    • Address issues over group owners being able to import data in to groups they are not a member of.
    • Start a list of improvments, requirements and problems we notice related to ‘sudo’ actions, canLink, canAnnotate restrictions.
    • Catchup with Markus tomorrow and verify the state of things.
  4. Public Share status

    • Will: Demo failed due to computer issues.
    • Will: Homepage for public shares, shows some images (random) from different groups that you are logged in as public user. So far public user in only 1 group, but might make sense to have public user in multiple groups. Name and description of each group, clicking through can view projects (data from everyone) can switch to data from specific user. Can show datasets & thumbnails. Clicking on image takes you to image page or view the dataset information.
    • Will: Caveats, have to have images, dataset, proj hierarchy. Name and description required for all. Could show more acquisition data.
    • Gus: rendering settings viewable?
    • Jean-Marie: Change without saving, interaction level
    • Jean-Marie: Click on image and see larger size, with surrounding thumbnails.
    • Will: Login framework is already there.
    • Will: Send out preview for feedback to oxford etc.
    • Will: Code location, shipped in normal release?
      • Will: webmobile download afterwards, not part of stnadard release.
    • Will: Want to be able to customise the gallery.
    • Will: Start a PR so that it can be trialed and tested. Shouldn’t conflict as is separate codebase.
    • Jean-Marie: Branding on OME login page. Differnetiate login pages for different deployments
  5. AOB

    1. FLIMFit sample images - where to find them ? - would be good to have some which we know should work
    2. Meeting changes
      • Jean-Marie: Try and stick to 2pm on 18th April, Friday not really ideal.
      • Jean-Marie: Maybe use Garland.
        • Dalhousie not really an option.
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