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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-03-07


Attending: Jean-Marie, Will, Elwood, Petr, Gus

  1. Testing Permissions Plan (Petr)

    • Permissions testing
    • Jean-marie: Will done with all user / group views?
    • Petr: Happy with PR so far, tried permissions.
    • Jean-Marie: have not enabled read-write as a group option
    • We don’t need admin to create group
    • Jean-Marie: some integration tests were failing
    • Jean-Marie: need to be aware of the difference between the documentation (released) and what we use for testing
    • Testing Monday/Tuesday next week.
    • Petr: Need some inital data / annotations prepared.
    • Condider the roles and names of users.
    • Jean-Marie: clone of howe server coming soon.
    • Will: script to annotate all images in all groups for all users.
    • Petr: added functionality to auto import script
    • Petr: can’t have sever being played with, need a clean server
    • Petr: create a group that people won’t delete
    • Thursday at the earliest, may be next week.
    • Jean-Marie: Might have Import As.. functionality by then.
    • Jean-Marie: ROI and comment are not shared we just add them
    • Petr: base of small images imported, with a few big images and a couple of plates.
  2. Public/Share etc (Gus/Will)

    • Requirements
    • Will: Requirements of chaning the permssions model to support not copying data.
    • Jean-Marie: clone an image and someone leaves, break link to file in repository
    • Will: thinking about public readonly
    • Jean-Marie: keep public structure, proj/dataset, different views (stowers / jcb)
    • Public anonymous user, read-only
    • Add customisation, banner / logo
    • Gus: Go first with gallery view (stowers)
    • Separate use case to embed snippet in another system / connect with credentials
    • Will: Only handle project, dataset hierarchy, only in one group
    • Gus: Institution gallery, flatten project/dataset but show all images no tree / metadata
    • Gus: work out the functional requirements & workflow
    • Jean-Marie: Monash use ‘to publish’ tags, processed out of band and ‘published’
  3. Tags/TagSets and filtering

    • Notes gathering from satellites meeting.
    • Postponed until tomorrow
    • What is linked tagset (dynamically changed) and filtering
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