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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-02-21


Attending: J-M, Gus, Petr, Will, Elwood (notes)

  1. Bugs to do list

    • Tickets to look at
    • Jean-Marie: main tickets to address. Focus on these. Getting over 300 bugs need a sprint or 2 of bug fixing
    • Jean-Marie: Plan a full round of testing permissions
  2. Group View/Import as status

    • Will: For me minor javascript gotchas.
    • Update the docs, as testing check permissions actions and the collect and Petr will update the scenarios later. Scenario testing sheet needs preparing.
    • insight
    • Web
    • Possible option: combine group and user view. This will require some major changes.
      • Interesting idea one group in group view another group in user view.
    • Import as. Update status Gus/Elwood
      • Gus: Nothing formally arrange with Markus. Only had one user to start with. In 2 weeks would need another one.
      • Jean-Marie: End of Feb get Import As in available.
      • Gus: Markus had issues updating linux client. Check with Roger.
      • Gus: Change group afterwards?
      • Jean-marie: Harder to do as it’s better to do it at import, create the right permissions object. Moving data afterwards is harder, asks a lot of questions.
  3. Public/Share etc (Gus)

    • presentation
    • Will: Select several images in a public group and get a snippet of HTML that I can embed on my website. Javascript to launch the full viewer.
    • Will: Click a single image and get a HTML IMG tag can be embedded.
    • Gus: Adjust thumbnail size would be nice.
    • Will: Thumbnails will update when rendering settings are changed.
    • Jean-Marie: Or you just can’t save rendering settings
    • Gus: Public will be read-only group & settings.
    • Gus: Publishing will allow for more involvement.
  4. Image Searching. Plan of actions

  5. Review priority from Web/insight difference

    • Identify areas needing changes.
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