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Attending: Jean-Marie, Gus, Petr, Elwood (notes), Will

  1. 4.4.6 Status

    • J-M: Gus & Petr to produce a list of 5 small / annoying items each that we can address quickly.
      • Consider time required.
    • J-M: Group items together for similar bugs in the same PR
    • Petr: Group of bugs related to out of sync tree
      • Menu item and import comes
  2. Doc Tickets

    • J-M: Addressed with Gus this morning
  3. Group View and import as (Gus)

    • group-view work (J-M)
      • Will: Difference allows you to see everyones data & group at once
      • J-M: Ability to import in to someone elses dataset
      • Will: Moving dataset in to a group that user is not a member of, what happens/ Complex scenario. Can’t currently move data in to a group you’re not a member of.
      • Will: Attempting to defer to the server and prevent client specific functionality.
    • Import As. TODO
      • J-M: Not much of a UI change to import as, only for certain user
      • Will: Can still import anywhere you like, groups a Bob is a member of
      • Initally, can import as a user and they are the data owner
      • Change owner, data becomes
      • Need more tests in java & python for change owner
      • Import As... adds a lot of power
  4. FS Plan

    • Ticket Preview
      • J-M: No changes realted this week
      • Will: Looking at speeding up rendering in web, to reuse stateful services not create a new one on every plane. Code for rejoining a session to pick the stateful services on the server and go through them
      • Will: Asynch call causes complications
      • Will: Noticed rendering a plane passes a lot of metadata in the logs (#10337)
      • J-M: Main thing in Insight is to complete the asynch import process status
      • J-M: Big images and linkage (web link ish) that people have requested
      • J-M: Last thing is speed / performance analysis
      • Will: Drawing ROI slightly off reported by Mark needs looking at
        • J-M: Transform realted in the database maybe?
      • J-M: Add tickets to client tab for Demo / FS requirement
  5. AOB

    • Image Searching
      • Will/J-M: Search eneds addressing, we need to align the clients
      • Will: Test the server functionality to see what is broken
      • J-M: Consider that indexing takes time
      • Will: Script an import and wiat for indexing and automate the tests
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