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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2013-01-10


Attending: Jean-Marie, Gus, Petr, Elwood (notes), Will

  1. 4.4.6 prep

    • List of remaining items to be included e.g. more from Clients alignment status

      • Jean-Marie: 4.4.6 for aligning the clients bug for preview.
      • Petr: can’t see the preview
      • Elwood: resolving final issues on import location dialogue
      • Jean-Marie: scripts, customized / non customized ui.
      • Will: opened PR for script issue
      • Will: channel name rebased, editing in right hand panel, a few minor things
      • Jean-Marie: alex post on forum, copy url in web. Add entry in Insight config.
    • Testing plan, set up.

      • ROI Import (Roger)
        • Jean-Marie: Scenarios and tests to write.
  2. Review of Admin work (Gus) (max 10mins)

    • Gus: Spoke to Blazej about quotas, not much of a conclusion.
    • Gus: read and criticize.
    • Gus: Users: simple quota view
    • Alerts for quota system, soft quotas.
  3. Sharing/Group/multi servers? (Gus)

    • Initial work
      • Gus: consider the options that people want for sharing public data at various levels of protection.
    • Petr: created a table for permissions in sphinx nd pushed, looking at addressing the links.
  4. FS Plan

    • Import: notification and selection

      • Jean-Marie: Important but messages don’t match what’s in the server, need to address this.
      • Jean-Marie: Callbacks as with delete. Messages are from bio-formats and we wont get them.
      • Jean-Marie: Selection of path are a must
      • Jean-Marie: Import checksum, algorithm selection. SHA1, MD5, CRC32
    • Browsing multi-images file

      • Will: Display path in the clients after import?
      • Jean-Marie: Smart folder, multi image format
      • Jean-Marie: Indicate the server path (non editable) under description
      • Jean-Marie: Need to investigate getUsedFile to verify this functionality.
      • Will: Moving items form smart folders might cause a lot of develpment & bugs.
    • Viewing: Web setId issue

    • Download

      • Jean-Marie: working on it, just need to address in web. Download as OME-TIFF archive button.
      • Jean-Marie: Web vis topic at dev meeting in 2 weeks?
  5. AOB

    • DB Ugrade comparision Howe / Gretzky process.
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