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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2012-12-13


Attending: Discussion in office, J-M & Will

  1. Training debrief (Will/Gus)

    • training material status/next phase
    • Handle feedback.
  2. Clients alignment status

    • Planning next phase. (J-M/Will)
  3. Import status (Scott)

1. Other


  1. Training

    • Check what features could be removed from client. No longer required. (old way of doing things)
    • RFE to be moved to relevant sections of RFE-UX Documents @action: Gus
    • Some documents in the folder specified above need to be merged.
  2. Client alignment

    • Long discussion about the central panel and what we want to offer.
    • Filtering and sorting.
    • Browse Project/collection of datasets.
    • Review insight combine filtering
    • usage of white space central panel.
    • @action: J-M, Will to create screenshots for Gus to take it further when Admin mock-up phase is completed. We think we are there for the first phase. To be discussed next meeting 10/01/13
  3. Import status

    • Location selection, PR under review. Scott working on issues.
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