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Attending: Jean-Marie, Gus, Petr, Elwood (notes)

UX Meeting 15-Nov-2012 Attending: Jean-Marie, Gus, Petr, Elwood (notes)

  1. Git/Sphinx Update

    • Jean-Marie: Need to pickup testing and create scenarios for edge cases.
  2. RFE/Bugs list of 10

    • Gus: need to add stuff around new Batch Tag feature of web.
    • Jean-Marie: Use rating or like?
    • Petr: Old boss really was sold with ratings. A little too enthusiastics, asked to deliver ‘beautiful’ images. Use stars for selecting ‘good’ images.
    • Jean-Marie: Rating prominent in search.
    • Jean-Marie: Web only takes in to account most recent rating
    • Jean-Marie: Show average rating and my rating, include votes / user.
    • Jean-Marie: Web export as OME-Tiff should come as download file. Check if attached give it back otherwise generate-attach-download and give it back.
    • Jean-Marie: Attachment missing in Insight.
    • Jean-Marie: Regenerate ome-tiff.
    • Jean-Marie: Generate JPEG is there but different behaviour.
    • Jean-Marie: Archive, differnet process in Web/Insight. If no archive then generate OME-TIFF. Downgrade to previous versions of ome-tiff. Need to speak to Will to unify.
    • Jean-Marie: Admin Service needs reviewing as it’s quite tightly coupled.
    • Elwood: Standalone version of admin?
    • Gus/Jean-Marie: Would be useful, keep it generic and not tied to 3 panel layout.
    • Jean-Marie: RFE related to admin.
    • Gus: Groups?
    • Jean-Marie: Tie in with admin interface.
    • Jean-Marie: Search, searching by channel, check with Will. Insight only searches at image * level, unify at dataset / project level. Add star rating as search criteria.
    • Jean-Marie: Unify batch annotation based on web
    • Jean-Marie/Gus: Lock icon used in wrong way, needs addressing with Will.
    • Gus: Look at activities window, location of activities. Insight, at the bottom.
    • Petr: Add import status to activities.
    • Jean-Marie: General Import progress.
    • Jean-Marie: Show full name in left & right with a button. Truncate length set to 32 chars.
    • Jean-Marie: Full screen viewer. Can full screen the window with border, quick win.
    • Jean-Marie: Web needs to align to mouse-wheel scrolls through Z not T. Discuss with Will.
    • Jean-Marie: Share is low priority, permissions changes. Investigate what share is public/authenticated (Will)
    • Petr: Creating a share in Web is counter intuitive. Too complicated
    • Elwood: Probably not used then.
    • Jean-Marie: Remove server side scripts from UI
  3. Testing/Documents using git

    • Jean-Marie: Testing focus on milestones, so we can despatch blockers to devs. Review bugs each week. Before 14:30 meeting on Tuesday?
    • Jean-Marie: Review bugs of new features so they don’t drag on for too long.
  4. UI Changes - Import Redesign - Trello Board (Elwood)

    • Elwood: Following on from the FS meeting last week with Josh et al. new section of Import Location popup for advanced naming and storage configruation options.
    • Elwood: Added display name for import sets based on Jason’s feedback.
    • Elwood: Will start coding these changes this / next week using the trello board to track the progress of the items.
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