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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2012-11-01


Attending: Will, Jean-Marie, Gus, Elwood (notes), Petr

  1. Testing setup Petr
    • Scenarios
    • What's next.
  2. Batch annotation Will
    • Quick overview of Batch annotation
    • Questions
  3. Import dialog review (FS) Elwood
    • Feedback from meeting with users.
  4. RFE Review Gus

  1. Testing Setup - Petr

    • J-M: @Petr, Testing, have everything?
    • Petr: Good to have better organising of screenshots, pain to delete one, citation program
    • J-M: investigate editor, nice thing about ticket, screenshot, scenario in story.
    • Elwood: Use google docs and link form gdoc to image
    • Elwood: can set permissions on godc for editable
    • Will: sphinx?
    • J-M: Possibly in the future for each release
    • J-M: difference can branch it for versions
    • Petr: Issue with gdoc is scrolling
    • J-M: Break down the gdoc in to sections
    • Petr: Colin will show dropbox. Mark is showing how to install on OSX 10.8
    • Petr: Sebastien asking if there is testing of upgrade of the database, not currently covered.
    • J-M: more specific tasks for that, run script and recover from it. Upgrade / clean process, expectations, errors etc.
    • J-M: Web / Insight Admin not covered yet. Start with webadmin. Covered for the next week with what we have. Assign scenarios like last time, rotate browser / UI.
    • Will: no specific browser issues apart from IE.
    • J-M: Maybe Petr & Kenny look at Windows and IE scenarios.
  2. Batch Annotation - Will

    • Will: show demo of batch annotation.
    • Elwood: Remove [-] Delete [x]
    • Will: Remove & Delelte button ona ttahcments, once removed from last image, deleted.
    • Elwood: dialogue that confirms deletion on last linked image
    • J-M: Do this later maybe.
    • Will: Behaviour in comments is unchanged.
    • J-M: usage of ‘Rating’?
    • Will: More like / dislike now?
    • Elwood: Only have like / favorite?
    • Will: Rating 1-5 star are mut. excl.
    • Elwood: Fliter by tag and then order by rating
    • Will: Maybe rating only used 0 or 5, maybe like.
    • J-M: Check usage of ratings.
    • J-M: post 4.4 / 4.5 delete popup and unlink. Not essential, can align after.
  3. Import Dialogue Review - Elwood

    • Elwood: Meeting with Iain and Michael this morning over coffee, good feedback and opinion, showed some ‘hidden’ unused features. Clarity is essential.
    • Elwood: Ideas over startup page on 1st login / start of insight. Import Data -> Importer. (? help) on how to use the UI, tooltips.
    • Elwood: Good feedback on missing functionality.
    • Elwood: Need to clarify ‘smart folder’ discussion at a later date.
  4. RFE Review - Usability Issues Search - Gus

    • Gus: Start off general discussion what things we want to do at search as a big topic.
    • Gus: Poins made from trac, testing & feedback (scott, seminars etc.)
    • Gus: Images Tab (accordian) & calendar
    • J-M: Quickly access images, quick link to searches
    • J-M: orphaned images, do not polute ds / project with screen plate. Having orphan images displayed (maybe a new name) people want smart folder name selected img-range: 123-456. Tab becomes query selection. Query editor. Calendar view doesn’t give enough.
    • Will: Interest you most is most recent
    • Will: notification of comments and system.
    • Gus: a lot to be done combination of saved searches / editable
    • Gus: calendar not useful?
    • Will: some people go to log book and
    • Elwood: Aquisition date searchable?
    • Will: think so.
    • Elwood: isn’t it date of import that is searchable?
    • Will: recent activity / timeline view (github / facebook ish)
    • Will: log in and mainly blank screen.
    • Elwood: Timeline in RHS panel?
    • J-M: Metadata search, pub med? How far do we want o go, customise for institution, not channel dectector?
    • Gus: no insight on what people use in the lab.
    • Gus: Save, edit, view search queries, re-run.
    • Gus: Save query and save results are separate features.
    • Gus: Filtering and refining down search queries.
    • Gus / J-M” Multi group search is complicated.
    • Gus: try and do an ideal scenario, work back from there.
    • Will: Search UI needs reworking.
    • Gus: Search itself needs resolving.
    • J-M: At least we know what we want.
    • J-M: basic stuff we can do. Last comment, timeline, basic notifcation.
    • J-M: What type of metadata needs to be searchable.
    • J-M: allow me to update channel name.
    • Will: Should turn it on.
    • J-M: searching by channel name, less effort checking microscope.
    • Petr: Channel search useful, choose one channel or another, images with 1 / 2 channels no way to see which images have 2 channels or not.
    • J-M: lucene index needs looking at.
    • J-M: granularity on metadata to include in search parameters.
    • J-M / Will: focus on getting search working, channel name & channel search, index it, if not indexed scan the db.
    • J-M: turn back on multi-group search (not 4.4) assess what is needed for that.
    • J-M: Group activity timeline.

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