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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2012-09-13


Attending: Colin, Roger, Emma, Gus, J-M


  • Training material status (Gus)
    • proposed workflows.
    • Everybody likes the format.
    • Gus: to produce 2 or 3 per sprint.
  • ROI mini-group update. Notes
    • Roger: summary of previous discussion.
    • Roger & J-M: more investigations required. Another proposal in next few weeks
  • FS visualization and changes. Proposal
    • J-M: discussed points highlighted in proposal.
    • Colin: not a new view but expanding the Hierarchies/Explore view
    • J-M: build mockup, prototype. Discuss topic when Will is back
    • J-M: unify between clients during that phase. Prepare screenshots for next meeting.
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