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2012-08-07 permissions & visualization

Attending: Emma, Gus, Scott, J-M

Discussion around permissions and data visualization. This comes after a lab meeting with Michael who works with members of 2 different labs.

Follow a list of points to investigate:

  • Concept of share (not current implementation).
    • Limited to visualization
    • People in the system or not in the system
  • General user creating a sub-group with members from 2 or more groups.
    • Owners of the groups.
    • Roles of the user.
    • Display of data (i.e. per user/per group)
  • Copy data from a group to another (not only a move).
    • Usage
    • implication when deleting for example
    • How much to copy
  • Comparative views. (We have existing stories/tasks related to that topic)
    • Multi-images viewer
    • Same image in multiple viewers with different settings.
    • Support for multiple rendering settings in client
    • Display of the multiple rendering settings.
    • Save locally rendering settings as XML/text file to exchange settings between users. (only for images of same type i.e. similar to Copy/Paste settings)

Other topic:

  • Review of the g.doc used during testing. Currently one sheet with tickets (RFE) not included into 4.4
  • Scott moved the content of the usability back-lock tickets.
  • trac table following user feedback


  • Gus to investigate. Review in 3/4 weeks.
  • Decide how to digest:
  • the RFE reported during testing. g.doc, others. Combine with usability back-log notes.
  • determine the ones requiring further investigations
  • J-M: review User feedback trac pages
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