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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2012-04-26


Attending: Emma, Scott, Gus, JM



  1. Testing
  2. Documentation
  3. Movie Guidelines
  4. Any other issues


  1. Testing

    • Check the list of the db changes - check the schedule against this
    • Testing upgrades for server - @Scott check with Colin
    • Need tickets for workflows.
    • Priorities for testing the web align with all of the testing
  2. Movie Guidelines

    • Review starter sheet
  3. Documentation.

    • Gus has an importing draft and login ready.
    • Draft guidelines for OMERO screencasts.
  4. Web site we need 5 new pages

    • Use of icons can be a little bit too small.
    • Use of editing for document.
    • No use of above and below.
    • Need for notification for big images, big time lapse images.
    • Confirmation of process

1.Other * @Scott to get Paul's data and start importing. * A very short questionnaire for understanding what community tools are used to be given out at Paris.

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