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Attending: J-M, Scott, Emma


  1. Thoughts for support job applications
  2. Remaining work for 4.4
    • #4687 Investigation for history images imported
    • #7368 Training documentation
    • #7374 Web template work
    • #7110Document for the usability backlog - Josh's document will be updated with this information
  3. Notes for February Satellite meeting
  4. Any other issues


  1. Job applications

    • JM:We will need to provide the background to our process with the documentation, links to how we work on trac and QA.
    • Emma:Establish a generic set of questions for interviews.
    • Emma:Scope to add in more specialised questions depending on the individual's background.
    • Emma: We need to establish the general plans for the expectations of training to be able to inform the applicants of the expectations from the start.
    • All:Finish review of applicants.
  2. Remaining work for 4.4

    • JM: The investigation work for viewing the history of images imported has the potential for much more scope. This potentially covers the integration into searching. This would allow for a more powerful tool for both scientists/microscope platform managers with the ability to search on the metadata the calendar view is simply an extension of this view.
    • We will can look to target platform managers and look at some appropriate meetings.
    • Scott: The creation of several short training videos to demo to the new roles.
    • Scott: Web template work ready to discuss/input with the new design role.
    • Scott: I will update Josh's document with the information discussed above so that the usability/training issues are updated in the document.
  3. Notes for February meeting

    • Scott:Provide OMERO demos for those people attending who have had not had much exposure to the software.
  4. Any other issues A document in google docs to highlight the general issues learnt from training so far..


  • Scott: Order with Andrew for Flip camera Done
  • Scott: Create a set of tickets for: transition template plan (Confirm wiki/DevelopmentGenericProcess and extension to this), training video example (#7910), update of calendar investigation, document for training (#4687),update Josh's 4.0 milestone document (#7110) Done
  • Scott: Add meeting time to Jason's schedule Done
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