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Attending: J-M, Scott, Emma

Previous Actions

  • @scott: Contact people met at conference, any extra people in Leicester
  • @jmarie: Look at other possible website.Done
  • @scott/jmarie: Contact Kim to schedule meeting Done
  • @scott: Collect mock-up from Ola and send it to the team. Monday at the latest. Thursday review of mock-up Ticket #7374 Done


  1. Training documentation


  1. Usability Job ads
    • Scott: found list in Birmingham, and he is going to watch before posting
    • Emma: more applicants. January 6th.
  2. No response from Scott's e-mail to Kim (Monash)
    • J-M: they will probably get involved when more concrete doc to show. Send pdf when ready.
  3. Web Mock-up: desire effect.
    • Discussion happened, feedback.
    • Next mock-up phase. so people do not start coding
    • Will: started implementation, possible issue. Collect screenshots and discuss.
  4. Usability role for applicant:
    • Scott:
      • training-testing looking for people to switch role.
      • dealing with academic.
      • open to anything.
      • usability people: background. Design base role, need to have overlap with QA.
    • J-M:
      • relation with dev. how to!


  • @scott: contact e-science people, target secretaries of center.List of centres sent to Emma
  • @scott/jm: discuss and get screenshot from Will for new mock-up.Ongoing
  • @scott: documentation presentation 09/12 Final presentation done via skype tomorrow - 16th Dec
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