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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2011-12-01


Attending: J-M, Emma, Scott


  1. Recruitment Update?

  2. Training Document Update

  3. Scottish Microscopy Meeting summary

    • recording material managing the follow up against managing existing users formats used.
  4. General update from GRE image management.

  5. Google docs confirmation of the following pages and new location under trac userfeedback

  6. Usability backlog any extra points on 7322 and 7324


  1. CV on Alfresco, 1/2 potential candidates to interview. Closing date will be extended.
  2. Contacted Monach (Kim Linton) about documentation,
    • happy to help, awaiting go ahead.
    • they are starting development of interface from the client to ANDS
    • Leicester: prepare doc for imageJ plugin and set up demo of insight as a plugin
  3. SMM summary.
    • easy sell, good feedback
    • Follow up meeting with scientist.
    • 2 people from ninewells.
    • one running image facility (just started)
    • one interested in 3D viewer.
    • Emma & J-M: a lot of politics involved, do not promise too much.
  4. GRE
    • good feedback, useful to collect information about metadata usage and workflow.
    • Permission: need a Read-only (later)
    • Follow up e-mail in 2 weeks time (reasonable timescale to use)
  5. Stories:
    • Should help tracking what's happening with backlog.
  6. Others;
    • Web client new layout. Need to show to rest of the team and to external (lab) before starting coding.


  • @scott: Contact people met at conference
  • @jmarie: Look at other possible website.Done
  • @scott/jmarie: Contact Kim to schedule meeting Done
  • @scott: Collect mock-up from Ola and send it to the team. Monday at the latest. Thursday review of mock-up
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