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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Usability 2011-11-17


Attending: J-M, Emma, Scott, Jason


  1. Recruitment status
  2. Work material
    • recording material. Budget
    • define guidelines for new members e.g. where/how to record doc for dev vs ethno doc, formats used.
    • google docs strategy and guidelines (getting as bad as trac!)
    • Client style guide - example documents for UI style guides (This will need a suitable location in trac)
      A huge list of company examples This corresponds to the web template work #7133
  3. Testing
  4. Training documentation.
  5. Usability backlog status
  6. Meeting proposal for defining scope of clients?


Usability meeting 17/11 1. Up on uni website. @emma: send to devel, users, ImageJ @scott: pass list of website to emma

  1. Material @scott buy Flips+tripod, BBSRC grant Where to put the do trac see table good for dev. Scott evaluated another tool cannot be linked to ticket. JM: Maybe Sphynx for ethno work (so we can edit/generate PDF) Jason: trac good for linking to ticket For now use, trac and use the attachment. Jason: Hic usability, spoke to team. To schedule early new year Google doc @scott: Move content to trac Jason: presentation power point, google Not ideal Emma: More/enforced use of alfresco for presentation. Final version go to Alfresco. Client style Scott: guide line wanted to put things in place. see Web template work Jason: Freedom of open source. Scott: minimum spec. Jason: draw boundary at team level. Scott: observing HIC is good => implication on the final tools. Not sure that they want to follow the guidelines. Jason: Need to decide how to run the Users session. @scott will have to lead the session. Difficult not to have developers for first session. more focused sessions

3 Testing Scott: Set-up date. Principal not testing your own work. not sure, easy fix for all of that. Too much for one person. J-M: testing scenarios done as we go. Should not Bio-formats testing metadata - starting with .lif @scott: confirm meeting time

4 training Sphynx Trial documentation done visit to Leicester mid-december, part of the image training. Any additional training currently being done through the support of a local lab. hosting all UK omero server, in Dundee J Monk J-Mo does not want to do mediawiki J-Mo: Dundee Training center/Production servers Yes, @jason to follow that. PF good example.

5 & 6 Usability Not great feedback, very low priority. Scott: what else can be explored. Limited view, push it in a different way. Jason: functionality, insight - web missing. Improvement. Scott: usability dilemma. How to make the most of each client environment. Jason: getting there slowly. Where do we want to go next? interaction of desktop clients. Scott: editor, can the web integrate other applications?


  • @emma: send to devel, users, ImageJ (J-M) done
  • @scott: pass list of websites to post jobs to emma DONE
  • @scott: Move usability content from google doc content to trac In Progress ticket #7285
  • @scott: confirm meeting for metadata testing (Will, JM, Melissa, Scott Loynton ) DONE

  • @jason: Update on Dundee Training center/Production servers DONE
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