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12-08-08 Skype meeting

Discussion about knime omero integration Attending: J-M, Martin, Christian

  • KOS:

    • KOS focus on Knime and image processing. Madison group cannot join. Hackathon later on in the year
    • Main OMERO focus during KOS: invoke Knime with command line arguments.
  • Discussed 2 workflows

    1. insight has a Knime node.
    2. start Knime from insight.
  • Workflow 1:

    • Start insight as a plugin similar to imageJ
    • Knime node register for events posted by insight. This will allow the node to know
      • when the user is connected to the server
      • when images need to be opened.
      • etc.
    • modify insight to post extra events
    • add methods to container class
      • to automatically connect w/o splashscreen. Credentials already saved locally
      • to connect with credentials w or w/o UI.
      • to close UI but keep services.
    • Review methods to load images/planes etc.
  • Workflow 2

    • This will require work planned during KOS i.e open knime with command line arguments
    • similar methods than the ones described in 1.

We agreed to start with workflow 1. We will have another Skype meeting in September to see where we are. Date to be decided.


  • insight
    • Post new event.
    • Add methods to container.
    • Provide sample code.
  • Knime
    • prepare node to start insight from Knime
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