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Attending: Balaji (BR), Josh (JM), Petr (PW), Colin (CB), Blazej (BP)

Reference board

  1. File format testing card - 14:09 UK
    • BR: Discussion from before N. American trip
    • PW: Action plan? Minor done for 5.0.1. Is that enough?
    • PW: probably not. Want to automatize all the imports and let the testers test visually.
    • JM: 2 things possibly missing -- all of data_repo? running this on daily merge / qa builds?
    • BR: test_images_good is 1.5 hours (max)
    • BR: do we need in-place + upload + symlink + ...? JM: probably not.
    • BR: probably need a threshold for testing.
    • BR: if we can check the reference library, then we can check them each day.
    • PW: so this would require one round of full-testing.
    • JM: next step is to expand test_images_good then perhaps
    • CB: Project names include date
    • JM: will also need screens per day
    • BR: that will be more complicated; can't do each day.
    • JM: or we don't try for daily but fewer (weekly) QA builds.
    • CB: want to automate the testing and not spend Mondays clicking through (Yes!)
    • BR: need a signature for each image (metadata/data) to check changes.
    • Summary: waiting on machinery then PW will schedule a full round of manual testing.
  2. Own dog food and matlab performance card
    • BR: follow-on from above.
    • BR: test_images_good is up now; from_skyking is coming now.
    • JM: next step to have everyone from QA meeting login? Yes.
    • JM: keep Kenny as admin?
    • BR: someone else has to take responsibility
    • PW & BR to be admins. (tested and verified)
    • BR: asked Kenny to double check the size of ManagedRepo
  3. Permissions : QA testing card - 14:42 UK
    • BR: Also discussing the permissions tables card.
    • BR: overkill to do this at the GUI level
    • BR: goal is to make testng to read the excel sheet (current plan)
    • PW: deadlines? and must-do's? Thought we were also doing the annotation moves
    • PW: danger of not keeping up with deadlines; compromise and have something done.
    • PW: 5.0.2 end of April. Feasible?
    • BR: not the person to be looking at; can't say what's doable?
    • BR: getting started on a few tickets to get comfortable with the API
    • PW: plan be is the bastarized google doc with attachments, ROIs, & annotations.
    • PW: See the "Testing Setup" action table
    • BR: will write a function to move data
    • BP: Must generalize in order to find ground truth; good way forward
    • JM: what's the way forward with the spreadsheets?
    • PW: sit with Balaji; if he's able to get the table of answers. ("Is this a bug?" etc)
    • JM: +1 on needing more discussions, but this should likely be a higher priority that the reference work.
    • BR: biggest issue is setting up the data
    • PW: have a minimal database with a couple of users ( but not annotated; but needs to be more adjustable), but could also possibly do that manually.
    • JM: good, then let's look into transferring that.
    • BP: if someone gives me an XML file with inputs and expectations can write the parser.
    • JM had to go.
    • Petr and Balaji meet next monday to discuss the permissions xl sheets and merge the two table to manageable proportions (initially) and discuss the possibilities for data setup for permissions testing.
    • Balaji to discuss with Blazej and start creating tickets to test the scenario's that converge on the two (permissions testing) excel sheets.
    • Petr and Colin meet on Monday post noon , to discuss the and possibilities of enhancements to the script.
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