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September 2005 Developers Meeting

Also known as the "Dundee Java Pow Wow", September 15th, 16th, and 17th


This meeting brings together the MIT and Dundee teams to discuss current and future work on the OMERO server and the Shoola Java Client. The goals of the meeting are to: * introduce the teams to one another * establish the individual and team goals for MIT and Dundee. * establish work patterns and rules * define specific projects and roadmap for next 6-8 months

Proposed Schedule

The 15th

Josh, Sheldon and Tony arrive in Dundee. (Early afternoon)

  • Sheldon and Tony should arrive ~10:30
  • Josh should arrive ~13:45

Afternoon schedule

  • Everyone details individual goals for the Pow-wow
  • Informal discussion on the state of affairs in Dundee and Boston
  • Brief overview of OMERO technology & clarifying conceptual issues
  • Discussion of devlopment timeline
  • Pub crawl and dinner at a TBD location
  • Jason returns ~11PM BST

The 16th

Morning schedule

  • 09:00 Coffee and crumpets (earlier?)
  • 09:15 Jason's Big Bad Intro
  • 09:45 Laying Down the Law -- Code management and maintenance overview (Chris)
  • 10:00 Whiteboard discussion/presentation on OMERO (Josh)
  • 10:45 Client plans and architecture needs from MIT (Tony and Sheldon)
  • 11:30 Shoola directions and framework collaboration discussion (Jean-Marie)
  • 12:15 Lunch

Afternoon schedule

  • 13:30 Data model discussion & ratification (Jason and Jean-Marie)
  • 14:30 Breakout sessions

Breakout Session Deliverables

  • Updated Dundee data model approval
  • Screening data model approval
  • Deciding what clients/agents are going to be ported and actively developed
  • Client API requirements (documentation should have been brought to the meeting)
  • Client timeline for next 6 months (with job assignments)
  • Nailed down OMERO architecture (v2, v3, v4)
  • Server timeline for next 6 months (with job assignments)
  • BIGGIE: Release date

Evening schedule

  • Review deliverables if still coherent

The 17th

Morning schedule

  • 09:00 Coffee and crumpets (earlier?)
  • Review deliverables if already coherent.
  • Open sessions for:
  • OMERO service programming how-to
  • Dreamy, future-y kind-a stuff (Lucene integration, Hibernate notification, etc.)
  • Mac OS X and OMERO development questions/comments
  • ~13:30 Jean-Marie prepares to leave
  • ~15:00 Josh prepares to leave
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