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The OME Consortium is delighted that this year's 8th Annual OME User's Meeting will be held June 24-25, 2013 at Institut Pasteur, in Paris.

The Meeting

The OME User's Meeting is a chance for the whole OME Community to come together, report on progress and most importantly discuss future priorities and needs.

Why Attend

This meeting will give delegates the opportunity to network and engage with the open-source and commercial development teams and organisations currently using OME software.

So why not join us to discuss what the project has achieved to date and help define the project’s future objectives and priorities.

Who Should Attend

  • Current OME Users
  • Potential OME Users
  • Software Developers
  • Scientists
  • Facility Directors
  • Service Providers
  • Representatives from commercial organisations


The Final Programme.


Registration for this meeting is now closed.

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