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2017-07-18 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Petr, Kenny, Mark, June, Balaji, Simon, Roger, Simone Remote: Seb, Eleanor, Wilma, Liza, Melissa, David, Chris, Emil

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Spaces - 14:00 UK

      1. Files/Formats/OME Files (Seb)
        • merged Roger's codecs decoupling
        • m1 milestone targeted for Thursday, website permitting
        • Bio-Formats 5.6.0-m2 content to be determined in tomorrow's formats meeting
      2. Metadata (Simon)
        • round of IDR testing, some issues
          • restarting OMERO may have helped
          • Eleanor: possibly memory leak
      3. need better testing infrastructure for UI side of OMERO.web
        • Kenny: robot? - Balaji: not as good for functional testing, e.g., correctly rendered thumbnails
      4. bugs on the Formats side, fixed by rebasing some PRs
        • Eleanor: currently working on splitting a dataset into two, few more coming
      5. OMERO 5.4.0 (Mark)
        • OMERO 5.4.0-m2 released
        • internal mostly
        • Mark: working on light admin checks in CLI
      6. Outreach
        • NEUBIAS, tagathon, big data, etc.
    2. Other releases/upgrades - 14:05 UK

      1. Figure & iViewer

      2. new website (Seb)

        • many people involved in testing over the past week
          • integration and deployment, looks like it should be able to go live tomorrow
          • some volume manager issue still outstanding, but non-blocking
        • using ansible roles adapted from prior IDR work
        • further testing this afternoon, everybody welcome
          • then more testing after tomorrow's deployment
      3. Sysadmin (current board and recent PRs)

        • Planning an at-risk for OpenStack while a new server is installed in same chassis/adjacent slots. (Will confirm date/time via Standup.)
    3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:10 UK

      • Micro-services: finishing rendering. Open against the open-source. Need more work for 5.3 or 5.4
        • Seb: feedback or 5.4.0 candidate?
        • Chris: goal is to make rendering abilities more seamless. One of a series of changes.
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:12 UK

Done 14:13 UK

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