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2016-10-25 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Will, Petr, Mark, Gus, Jean-Marie, Balaji, June, Simon, Roger, Ola, Helen, Simone Remote: Jason, Andreas, Sebastien, Chris, Wilma, Liza, David, Josh B, Melissa, Emil

Agenda - 2:00pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Spaces - 14:00 UK

      1. Files/Formats/OME Files (Sebastien)
        • good progress in decoupling low-level components out of Bio-Formats and pushing artifacts to maven central
          • aiming to tag later this week
          • API changes coming next
      2. Metadata (Simon)
        • testing next version of IDR over coming days, will discuss with Petr
          • Ola: testing phase a couple of weeks ago went well
        • Jason: IDR received well at presentations
      3. OMERO 5.3.0 (Jean-Marie)
        • soon merging Roger's PR to fix issues with Ice 3.6.3
          • to backport to 5.2
        • Helen: would also love to include sysadmin docs from anybody for how to migrate server from Windows to Linux
        • Ola working on release jobs for various components
      4. Outreach (Jean-Marie)
        • Scottish Microscopy Group registration deadline
          • November 24, Heriot-Watt, could present poster
          • will submit abstract, can probably substitute for whoever can go
        • Balaji presenting at GRE symposium
        • facility manager meeting coming early next year
        • another meeting coming November 29, Simon's abstract to be reviewed
    2. Other releases/upgrades - 14:10 UK

      1. Figure
        • Jean-Marie: finalizing webapp push
      2. ImageJ
        • Jean-Marie: various bugs/issues around Bio-Formats import/export
      3. Learning
        • Ola: will write deployment playbook
        • Jean-Marie: Christmas break may be a good maintenance window
      4. Sysadmin (Kenny)
        • patching servers for new Linux kernel security vulnerability
        • added more robot exclusions for web-prod
        • replaced wildcard SSL certificate
        • upgraded nightshade
        • cleanup on storage for virtual machines
      5. Website redevelopment/redesign (Liza)
        • wrapping up product section
        • moving on to some graphics design work
        • Helen may need help from team with content and navigation
          • Jean-Marie: maybe involve, e.g., Michael or Ian as end users
          • sysadmin / facility manager section will need review
      6. Smuggler (Montpellier)
    3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:17 UK

      • preparing for PathViewer release, both stable and 1.1
        • related Python repository / packaging / versioning discussions
      • JPEG-XR work largely done
        • need to document installation of native dependencies
      • work on OMERO.web for 5.3
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:20 UK

    • Jason: please discuss soon if planning to take a large amount of leave at once and promptly add it to the calendar
    • Jason: very important to keep annual leave paperwork straight so do keep to procedures, e.g., annual leave days and sick leave are treated very differently
      • remember that other team members may be planning around what availability you have put on the calendar
  4. Presentation on usage statistics by Roger - 14:26 UK

    • could consider requiring Java 1.8 and Python 2.7
    • maybe default downloads to Ice 3.6 for OMERO 5.3
      • Simon: even require?
    • CentOS 6 numbers coming soon
    • Jean-Marie: could share analysis scripts? Would be useful to repeat.
      • Sebastien: there is a registry repo
      • Roger: could push SQL and R code to repo
    • can offer stats differently summarized/filtered if can answer others' questions
      • want to see breakdown by operating system
        • Roger: have to try to map kernel version to distribution, hardly a perfect process
    • Chris: could move database onto server adequately provisioned for large queries
      • also with PostgreSQL 9.6 for parallelized querying
      • Roger: can also drop indices on main table and occasionally update materialized view
      • Simon: could also spin up a large docker instance by need

Done 14:57 UK

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