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2016-08-30 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Dominik, Mark, Jean-Marie, Petr, Colin, Helen, June, Will, Simone, Jason, Chris Remote: Sebastien, Roger, Andreas, Josh M, Melissa, David, Wilma, Balaji, Emil, Ola, Liza

Agenda - 2:00pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Spaces - 14:01 UK

      1. Files/Formats/OME Files (Sebastien)
        • released BF 5.2.1 to patch regression, other regressions now reported
        • OME-Files 0.2.1 to fully support OME-TIFF modalities
        • discussing BF API changes (currently tiling)
        • Gus, Helen, Mark looking at reworking OME Model pages and diagrams (see AOB)
        • Mark: investigating how to add enumeration values to model in a somewhat non-breaking way
      2. Metadata (Josh)
        • Simone kicking off feature generation for next big screen
        • bringing demo-2 to new demo-3 with mapr as candidate for next production version
      3. Outreach (Jean-Marie)
        • getting Galway workshop sorted
        • attending CMSO workshop in Texas in January

      4. OMERO 5.3.0
        • LUT demo/discussion (m3) (Jean-Marie/Dominik)
          • "inert" concept introduced for "safer" uploads (LUTs vs scripts)
          • Chris: could include LUT thumbnails BASE64-encoded in the script
          • Chris: re. LUT naming collisions can help with CLI plugin wrapping scripting service and enforcing restrictions, could also generate LUT thumbnails
        • Josh: installation/deployment-related repositories: how to move forward
          • looking at separating server from web for m4
          • PRs should be done this week
    2. Other releases/upgrades - 14:41 UK

      1. Figure
      2. ImageJ
      3. Learning
      4. Sysadmin (Kenny)
        • rebuilt disks underneath seabass
        • nightshade storage system upgraded
          • Chris: outcome of database move?
            • Kenny: replaced inter-volume symlink with rsync'd copy
          • Chris: database backup (postgres data directory)?
            • Kenny: nightly pg_dumps backed up, nothing special with synchronized data directory backup
      5. Website redevelopment/redesign (Liza)
        • working on team pages and links out to outside labs
        • soon going on vacation awhile
        • British/American English? answer: American
      6. Smuggler (Montpellier)
        • new update being deployed that allows batch import
    3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:47 UK

      • preparing for PathViewer release (omero-marshal, etc.)
      • JPEG-XR project with Zeiss
        • press release now out, blog post tomorrow
      • Glencoe repositories reorganized, can see public PerkinElmer work on Bio-Formats and OMERO
      • may have deployment/performance comments/advice coming for various real-world scenarios
        • arising from experience with Linux upgrades etc.
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:51 UK

    • Mark: data model diagram discussion on design issue 54
      • comment this week so that we can keep the process moving
      • note ideas and outstanding questions on Trello cards linked from comment
    • June: soon off on vacation
    • Jason: many invitations coming for speaking, training, etc., it's valuable activity, more team members welcome to volunteer for outreach
  4. Workshop on Ansible by Josh - 14:58 UK

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