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2016-01-26 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Will, Dominik, Simon, June, Petr, Ola, Mark, Roger, Simone, Helen, Jean-Marie, Harald, Balaji, Chris, Remote: Sebastien, Josh, Ian, Eleanor, Jason, Gus, Colin, Kelli, Stick, Andreas, Wilma, Melissa, David, Emil,

Welcome to Harald!

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Spaces

      1. Mainline (J-m)
        • Progress with bug fixing etc.
        • Re-started work on Ice 3.6, but not for 5.2.2.
        • Still a fair bit to do, but progress better than before
        • Josh: downloads issue?
        • Ola: Opened deployment PR. Docs changes tomorrow.
        • Problem with high speed broadband killing workers (gunicorn bug)
        • Should be OK for 5.2.2
        • Balaji BF 5.1.8 PRs rebased
        • Discuss with Seb when to start release process
      2. Model (Sebastien)
        • Mark: folder PRs open for Bio-Formats and OMERO
        • Folders in Model PR; imported first OME-TIFF! (Mark)
        • Seb: Gus started mockups for client - meeting tomorrow to discuss 5.3.0 milestone
      3. Metadata (Josh)
        • new metadata52 build system coming online
        • Josh: rebases are ongoing from previous 5.1 branch
        • Few PRs open. Builds running, Tests passing mostly etc.
        • PRs also being rebased to 5.1 for Glencoe
        • Simon - planning 30TB move to EBI, docker work, openstack cloud
        • “The Cellmorph” dataset EMBL in progress
    2. Other releases/upgrades:

      1. Figure (not working on this currently)
      2. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian) Move to CI system in Australia. Waiting for date to present work to super-resolution meeting in London.
        • Simon: progress on super-resolution format? No. Using existing formats.
        • Jason: HDF5 format (biophysical journal)? Yes. Looking at support / import of it.
        • Jason: Mass-spec? Ian - pulled data from JM’s sample, written to OME-TIFF
        • Questions about how to store the data - modulo along C? etc?
        • 400 channels - Slow in Insight (won’t work in web).
        • JM: how to generate thumbnails. E.g. T projection? C projection?
      3. ImageJ
      4. Learning
        • Jason: Gianluigi’s team using openseadragon, with region annotations, integrated into Moodle (teaching platform/VLE).
      5. Sysadmin
        • Tuned monitoring last week, less noisy, some warnings suppressed.
        • Progress monitoring, “artifactory stuff”
        • Slack testing
        • Josh: Sysadmin board cleaned up.
        • Plan to have Jenkins set up servers on demand
    3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - first deploys of pathviewer to OMERO plus customers and opensource OMERO users. - Couple of PRs to add configuration. - Docs on how to distribute OMERO.web plugins (not just code) - Backporting metadata changes to 5.1 (Emil).

    4. Report from Jason

      • good signs from funders.
        • BF long term funding. IDR looking good.
      • Users’ meeting not in Paris this year. Possibly in Dundee.
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

    • slack feedback/requests (anyone else?)
    • Josh - Adium is dying, support for next OSX?
    • Simon: it’s awesome! Helen: thumbs up.
    • Ola: IRC client for Mac? Josh: IRC cloud? Adium for now.
    • Josh: can link IRC and Slack chats (can’t see who is in room).
    • Chris: complaint about slack - presence on slack is transient. Status away/idle etc.
    • This is why Glencoe doesn’t use it.
    • Josh: status even less clear on mobile “online always”
    • Josh: get into habit of messaging “away” etc when not listening.
    • Ian: search logs by date? (Josh: start a search ‘begin:’ or ‘after:’)
    • Jason: jabber support for mobile is bad
    • Josh: try standup on Thursday with Slack
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