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2015-10-20 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Petr, Kenny, Mark C, Jean-Marie, Dominik, Will, Ola, Simone, Balaji, June, Simon, Roger Remote: Sebastien B, Josh M, Ian, Colin, Kelli, Stick, Melissa, Chris, Andreas, David, Jason, Wilma, Eleanor, Emil, Curtis (14:42)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. OMERO - 14:30 UK

      1. 5.2.0 (J-m)
        • all PRs opened yesterday, board looks okay
        • doc PRs coming, some of that work to be assigned
      2. Regions v2 (Josh M)
        • to come up with a ROI folder proposal
        • Will: could use tags and tagsets instead
    2. Bio-Formats - 14:35 UK

      1. Java
        • Melissa: bug-fixing
      2. C++
        • Roger: adding more dependencies to the super-build
      3. Datasets / New formats
        • Ian: has a PR open for a new format
        • Sebastien: can go into 5.2 eventually along with David’s new reader
    3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:37 UK

      • created new GH project for code for marshalling OMERO objects to dictionaries
    4. Repositories - 14:38 UK

      1. Virtual Microscope/teaching
      2. IDR Project
        • Petr: pressure testing three servers this morning, seemed usable
          • couple of issues noticed but not specific to IDR
          • no blockers
        • Jean-Marie: when to test next fixes?
          • Jason: no large round of subsequent IDR testing soon
        • Eleanor: tidying up gaps
    5. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian) - 14:44 UK

      • now have code for FLIM plate data, need test data
      • can coordinate release timing with Petr
        • Jean-Marie: alongside OMERO 5.2? or stick with 5.1?
          • Ian: would like 5.2 if API changes are small
      • returning to superresolution work
    6. Other consortium timelines (5 minutes) - 14:45 UK

      • Curtis: working with a part-time student on ImageJ/OMERO integration
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:47 UK

    • June: most CVs in
    • June: GRE Symposium?
      • Jean-Marie: Michael is preparing a presentation about OMERO and lab workflow
      • Simon: who else is going?
      • Jean-Marie: Gus and Ian P
      • Simon: discussing with Rob Kent, may try to organize some CompBio side meeting
    • June: annual leave all sorted
    • Jean-Marie: Tuesday team meeting presentations welcome
    • Sebastien: starting work on registry with Ola and Kenny

Done 14:51 UK

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