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2015-09-29 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Petr, Colin, Simone, Ola, JM, Will, Helen, Simon, June, Dominic, Gus, Mark, Remote: Seb, Josh, David, Roger, Curtis, Melissa, Chris, Kelli, Andreas, Emil, Wilma, Eleanor, Stick, Ian, JB

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. OMERO

      1. 5.1.4 (Seb)
        • release out, any further issues?
    2. No issues so far!

    3. Mark: release process went OK - not too painful. But not sure about handling workflow if it goes “off script”.

      1. 5.2.0 (J-m) November 2nd - Ice 3.6 support unlikely by this date. Will - jstree follow-up, rendering centre panel Webstart removal Gus scoping right-hand panel - loading data incrementally to handle larger annotations Seb: 5.2 timeline - BioFormats 5.2.0 won’t be ready for November. Will need registry to allow OMERO to use different versions of BF. JM: Trello board cards marked with “onhold”. Ola: Python 2.7? JM: Depends on Ice 3.6 which won’t be ready. Ola: is it just CentOs 6? Simon: yes, CentOS 7 is OK. Roger: Many users on CentOS 6. But web security is also important. Can we work on it before 5.2? Helen: Can the Nov 2nd date be pushed? Would be nice to fix all these issues for 5.2 Ola: Django needs upgrade since it is no-longer supported (insecure)
      2. Regions v2 (Josh) Recent Dundee meeting - Notes Mark looking at vector ROIs and David looking at Masks. Mark: First model change PR will be test of workflow. Josh: tricky to juggle different BF versions with OMERO. Curtis has a script - ask if need help
    4. Bio-Formats

      1. Java. 5.1.5 release scheduled for 12th October.
      2. C++ Roger: Working on Downloads page - release by end of week.
      3. Datasets / New formats Josh: need to summarise experience of IDR imports - “Painful”
    5. Glencoe Update (Chris) Chris - upgrading infrastructure to use 5.1.4. Various code to come.

    6. Repositories

      1. Virtual Microscope/teaching. Ola: Upgrading to 5.1.4.
      2. IDR Project. Eleanor: Deadline of next friday for Gabriella demo at “seeing is believing” Josh - middle of next week - will need some testing by the team.
    7. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian)

      1. New bioformats .spc reader listed as a PR.
      2. ThunderSTORM now builds - code in Ian’s branch of their repo.
      3. Looking at communication between ThunderSTORM & existing OMERO imagej plugin.
      4. Curtis, will work with Ian when he’s back from holidays (via IJ forum).
    8. Other consortium timelines (5 minutes)

  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

    • Submitting to (and Docker Europe?). Deadline for proposals is 1st Dec.
    • Quantitative BioImaging
    • In new year
    • Balaji - presented at PiCLs - JM: will try to plan a workshop with interested users.
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