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2015-03-10 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Petr, Mark, Gus, Jean-Marie, Simon, Emil, Colin, Dominik, Helen, Ola, Balaji, Roger, Will Remote: Andrew, Sebastien B, Chris, Ian, Kelli, Josh M, Mark H, Melissa, Stick, Wilma, Sebastien S, Curtis, Jason

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Core (incl. CI & QA) - 14:30 UK

      • Josh: Branches
        • Rendering: no change (none planned)
          • added stuff to database, other work pushed to 5.1.1
          • Will: change in rendering engine API?
            • Josh M: didn’t yet, but would be easy, should probably add them
            • Josh M: no look-up table support
            • Josh M: adding methods to the API isn’t a breaking change
        • ome-bio-formats-cpp: cleanup, docs
          • main cleanup (compat) is open now.
        • Units: C++ PR now open; should be in the realm of minor adjustments now with the exception of deciding on which conversions are "supported".
        • Downloads: finishing group & size proposals now that API is settled. (1-2 days to finish)
        • Mail: unification of previous work, configuration improvements, Niko request (1-2 days to finish)
        • Stats & masks: PRs being tested.
        • Anyone else for largish items?
          • no large to-do’s
      • Josh: Code freeze
        • breaking changes more or less in
        • Sebastien B: what gets tagged?
        • so when are we at the point when remaining 5.1.0 work is just minor bug-fixing?
        • then is last development milestone, then tags after that are RCs
      • Josh: Testing
        • After that, next order of business an RC, and on that note.... Over to Petr
          • now in week three of testing
            • rendering ready to test; Gus and Balaji to work through scenario
            • Petr will work through FIJI / ImageJ workflows on Windows
            • Roger: C++ showinf and viewer ready for testing
            • will need discussion of download restrictions
          • Jean-Marie: is looking at XSLT to fix tests marked as broken
          • Jean-Marie: add your name to cards if you can help out Petr with testing
        • Josh: MapAnnotation/indexing: performance testing gone wild.
          • Simon’s large-scale testing indicated performance issues and indexer problems
        • Automated tests: must get green
          • those not actively working on branches needed for RC should focus on failing tests
      • Docs - unclaimed cards for 5.1.0 - Data model, Default group, various breaking changes etc.
        • Helen: please look at 5.1.0 column and volunteer for what you can
        • Gus: critical help docs changes probably done in two weeks’ time
          • after that, various screenshots to update, etc.
    2. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:58 UK

      • just getting open PRs into 5.1.0
    3. Virtual Microscope/teaching (Ola) - 14:58 UK

      • contact from Dundee learning centre, will review OMERO for possible use
    4. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian) - 14:59 UK

      • Working with Petr on pre-release testing of FLIMfit 4.8.0 - RC available from
      • New OMERO UI tool for consideration for more general distribution
    5. Bio-Formats large file sets (Sebastien B) - 14:59 UK

      • ongoing testing
    6. Other consortium timelines (5 minutes) - 15:00 UK

      • Curtis: upgraded OMERO server
      • Curtis: ran into some issues with importing OME-TIFF files with bad planes, consulting with Melissa
      • Mark H: worked on docker image for FIJI
      • Will: working on OMERO.figure TIFF export
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 15:02 UK

    • Adding your own PRs
      • been going well
      • remember also to re-list when necessary
      • note that GitHub doesn’t show new pushes to closed PRs until the PR is reopened
    • IRC use
      • Josh M: more usable/promotable when IRC logging is in place
      • Will: how to handle questions that can’t be immediately answered?
        • Josh M: direct them to other community resources, lists or forums; IRC questions do not get added to stand-up
      • Josh M: IRC works best for easy, quick answers
      • Jason: want to avoid adding burden
      • Curtis: can be a timesaver, but suffices if sometimes there are people there who sometimes answer
        • very helpful with ImageJ to be able to link to chatlogs
    • workshops for Paris
      • speaker suggestions very welcome
        • Jason: they don’t have to be using our software so long as their work is of interest to us
      • Jean-Marie: cards broken into three rooms as last year
      • Jason: would like to get an outline of planned workshops by mid-April or so
    • 17/03 lunch OME and Glencoesoftware teams (offered by Glencoesoftware)
      • Jean-Marie: ASAP let Wilma know if you can’t come, certainly this week
    • Dundee: remember to note ASAP in today’s stand-up AOB if you are coming into work on Friday 13th
      • Jean-Marie: June needs to know by tomorrow
      • Jason: assurances given that will be able to return to normal office on Monday
      • Chris: given electrical work, best to unplug everything by Thursday night

Done 15:18 UK

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