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2015-02-03 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Emil, Kenny, Gus, Petr, Will, Colin, Roger, Dominik, Helen, Balaji, Simon, June, Ola, Andrew, Remote: Ian, Seb B, Kelli, Wilma, Mark H, Curtis, Seb S

Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Core (incl. CI & QA)

      • 5.0.7 RC2 OK. Release builds done.

        • Final testing tomorrow with signed release builds etc.
        • New setup on downloads page (trello board release)
        • More Mac clients to test with different Java versions.
        • Chris - can do signed app bundles. Kenny could use UoD apple dev account.
      • m4 - still 84 tickets open on Trac

        • Still lots unassigned, but numbers going down.
      • Units follow up - Trello board - last 2 columns

      • Rendering - final DB changes (Mark)

        • mostly, moving series property from Pixels to Image
        • turning out to be somewhat tricky, but making progress, hoping to open PR this week
        • DB Modifications Trello card
      • Rendering changes in additional annotation (same as Modulo changes)

      • Schema release

        • Mark to document release process once final DB changes are in BF schema update?
      • m4 - still 84 tickets open on Trac

      • libbioformats - finishing implementation of OME-TIFF reader

    2. Jenkins long-term update needed after 5.0.7 release. Some disruption expected.

    3. Glencoe Update (Chris)

      • HCS support: metadata, import issues.
      • Done soon - then will look at backporting to develop.
      • Well layout issues (squashing square thumbs to rectangles etc).
      • Tree and centre panel loading for very large plates (384 wells x 30 fields)
    4. Virtual Microscope/teaching (Ola)

      • Ready to upgrade, postponed til next Monday due to sysadmin security patching Visit next week from another NHS Doctor.
    5. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian)

      • Still testing/fixing functionality after Matlab upgrade Upgrade to 2014b Matlab release - no backwards compatibility! Lots of work.
    6. Bio-Formats large file sets (Sebastien)

      • Woolz testing as part of rc1 - built on one node with Java binding. Most files read OK into OMERO. Not affected by 5.1 units work.
    7. Other consortium timelines (5 minutes)

      • Curtis: Hackathon IJ ops & Knime very productive.
        • IJ2 being used in anger now.
        • Blog post in progress.
        • More work to finish on OMERO connectivity - parameters etc.
        • Need to organise meeting to discuss progress in IJ/Insight/ROIs
        • Balaji: Initial ROI workflows nearly done.
        • Curtis: And tables & Images already OK.
      • Mark H: Hackathon useful - code quality tools / performance etc.
      • Seb S: Upgrades and Maintenance.
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

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