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2015-01-27 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Simon, June, Jean-Marie, Ola, Will, Petr, Kenny, Dominik, Jason, Helen, Mark, Remote: Gus, Seb B, Josh, Andrew, Melissa, Kellie, Colin, Ian, Andreas, Roger, Chris, Emil,

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting Accepted

  2. Project Timelines (2-3 minutes each)

    1. Core (incl. CI & QA)

      • 5.0.7 outline from nitpick
        • see: recent nitpick e-mails. Tickets - 201 left.
        • RC1 outline. Maybe push back by a day?
        • Trello 5.0 rebase card looking good.
        • Scenarios for Downloads and Client packaging need updating.
        • Testing files need to be stored somewhere, E.g. unicode, float/double.
        • ROI testing plus other small testing todos.
        • We’ll try to merge open PRs ASAP and get an RC1 build.
        • Few PRs opened today - lots to review tomorrow.
      • Units: next step is likely release of schema
        • Any blockers?
      • Rendering: investigation into ChannelFiller and friends. API changes to be decided.
        • Josh - found a way to use lookup tables without too many other major changes.
        • Client devs will be able to have a look soon - see trello card.
        •, will contain an explanation.
      • libbioformats: OME-XML now roundtrips to and from the model objects/metadata store
        • model temporarily downgraded to 2013-06 for 5.1.0, and will be upgraded to the latest version after the release
        • Currently working on OME-TIFF reading
        • zip files not linking correctly - maybe use tar files
    2. Glencoe Update (Chris) - Last few 5.0.7 PRs - floating point rendering etc

    3. Virtual Microscope/teaching (Ola)

      • upgrade successful
    4. FLIMfit/OPT (Ian)

      • WIN and Mac builds both now green with Matlab 2014b
      • Progress report for Friday so other work on-hold to next week
    5. Bio-Formats large file sets (Sebastien)

      • Windows testing: on hold, waiting for resources on maxquant (libraries need building) Documentation on building etc could be improved.
      • Woolz testing: on-going, goals as follows 1) build and use Woolz libraries in our CI server deployment 2) get a status of the Woolz file format for 5.0.6/5.1.0-m3 (follow-up of the file format testing)
    6. Other consortium timelines (5 minutes)

      • OMERO.figure: - started updating testing scenarios.
      • Jason: need to fill out trello card with more details on our apps.
      • Jason: Virtual Microscopes in more places!
      • EBI repo new hires starting soon. Need to setup hardware etc.
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

  4. Andrew - Working with the data model (20-25 minutes plus 15 mins questions max)

    • Overview - most changes happen in BF
      • Designing changes. Ideas -> Diagrams -> Discuss doc -> Review & repeat untill all happy.
    • Need to consider OMERO DB implementation to check performance, validity etc.
      • Prepare data model for change.
      • All work is in a breaking build
      • See our docs on Versioning the data model. Mostly just do major releases
      • Update Schema namespaces and build values for ant & maven
      • Move existing schema to new n+1 version (retains full history)
      • Then can create a new n version for reference
    • Publishing interim data model changes
      • Schemas must be live online for tests to pass
    • Full data model release
      • Schema namespace changes etc.
    • Making changes to model
      • Make a sample file of new change to get early feedback from others
    • Building schema changes (see presentation pdf above)
    • Changes to transforms
      • Upgrade & downgrade transforms - Update Insight catalog file.
    • OMERO requires some work before changes move out of breaking queue.
      • Always start with clean
      • Checkout breaking BF branch into OMERO
      • Update mapping files
      • Units - update ome-utils repo
    • Documentation
      • Diagrams, png/svg. Made with Oxygen
      • Sample files
      • Jason: do we know how many users look at diagrams? No.
    • Mark: failures will result in OMEROMetadata store build failures? (Yes - API changes)
    • Mark: would be nice to have specific locations of items mentioned in presentation.
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