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2014-09-30 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Chris, Simon, Petr, Colin, Blazej, Andrew, June, Melissa, Dominik, Mark, Emil, Will, Josh, Jean-Marie, Simone, Roger, Gus, Ola, Douglas Remote: Andreas, Ian, Kelli, Balaji, Curtis, Josh B, Mark H, Sebastien S, Sebastien B, Yuriy

Agenda - 3:00pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status

    1. Mainline (5 minutes) - 15:08 UK

      • Petr: 5.1.0-m1 status/demo plan- see also further m1 testings and demos
        • two series issues with m1:
          • Insight rendering workflow
          • problems with report of disk usage for group owners
            • Will: will soon be fixed
          • smaller issues listed in testing sheet
        • float and 32-bit images, min/max, etc. - demo plan for Friday
        • will do smaller features as smaller milestones where both m1, m2, etc. and build number are relevant
        • some setup problems, e.g. no rich DB on trout, e-mail setup: can discuss with Sebastien B
      • Josh: Goals for this week
        • today was mostly model, somewhat interrupted though, still need to discuss rendering
        • tomorrow (Wednesday) is mainly permissions / graphs
        • also QA2
        • Melissa: also IO refactoring
          • Josh: and handling change, maybe Thursday?
        • Andrew: group photograph, Thursday 1430, Jason permitting
        • Ola: Gus and I not available Friday morning (at JHI)
    2. Glencoe Update (5 minutes) (Chris) - 15:17 UK

      • working on security updates and releases
      • Josh B will be seeking discussion / feedback over coming weeks on database, Hibernate upgrade work
      • Emil working on CellProfiler / OMERO integration with Lee
    3. Consortium Update - 15:19 UK

      • Curtis: report coming on OPS hackathon, ImageJ/OMERO
      • Sebastien S: working on promoting OMERO
      • Sebastien B: will upgrade Dallas to 5.1 once memoizer issues are fixed, in meantime intend to release from 5.0
        • Josh: track milestones or actual head of develop?
        • Sebastien B: prefer milestones but may sometimes need more recent
      • Simone: useful progress, plenty merged, but small part (serialization) still in C++ for performance reasons
        • PR to be opened, but API is somewhat bloated, good to discuss its future in OMERO with Josh and Simon
      • Douglas: 2nd of 4 jQuery update PRs now under review, main one (3rd) getting ready soon for detailed review next week (4th PR is removing migration library)
      • Jean-Marie: OMERO.figure release coming next week
        • Josh: two branches?
        • Will: should work with both
      • Demo of FLIMfit by Ian Munro - 15:28 UK
        • Andrew: perhaps make it more obvious that images “inside” files (read by Bio-Formats) are not normal files, in the file chooser
        • Curtis: may want to give Mac users an option not to use file chooser (not universally popular)
          • ImageJ code (LOCI Bio-Formats plugins) offers selecting the real file, then going to a further dialog to select images within the file
            • Melissa: does not work if there are very many images in the file, too many elements in the dialog box
        • Petr: workflow with respect to normal OMERO image workflow?
          • Ian: file chooser is intended as main way users bring images into FLIMfit
          • Ian: would be nice to reuse Insight login page
            • Jean-Marie: not currently shipped but already in its own JAR
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 15:47 UK

    • Jean-Marie: 1430 Thursday group photograph
      • Andrew: next to the big OME sign outside the front of CTIR

Done 15:49 UK

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