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2014-08-26 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Mark, Simon, Kenny, Balaji, Jean-Marie, Chris, Emil, Dominik, Will, Helen, Blazej, Colin, Roger, Andrew, Ola, Simone Remote: Melissa, Ian, Andreas, Douglas, Gus, Josh B, Seb B, Curtis, Kelli, Mark H

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status

    1. Mainline - 14:30 UK

      1. 5.0.4

        1. Jean-Marie: Testing this week so goal is to have 5.0.4 out next week.
        2. Melissa: one more PR coming today to address Roger’s ticket
        3. Jean-Marie: re-opened Java 8 PR, seems to work
        4. Chris: everything opened or everything merged?
          • Jean-Marie: making sure there are no surprises with merge build
          • Chris: Will opened some OMERO.web PRs (download, show infrastructure, etc.) Include in 5.0.4?
            • Jean-Marie: probably will merge only critical ones, also other PRs that are ready to go
          • Jean-Marie: everything for 5.0.4 must be merged by Friday, or maybe Monday so Josh M and Petr can check
          • Jean-Marie: still awaiting some external feedback
          • Jean-Marie: can start testing with merge build
          • Jean-Marie: other new PRs against dev_5_0 not expected this week
          • Sebastien B: test server setup to include support for Java 7 / 8 testing, etc.
      2. 5.1.0

        • Jean-Marie: moving along nicely, web work to align preview
          • Mark: been building permissions checking into graph traversal implementation, seems to be going okay
        • Roger: creating a presentation to give C++ background so that we can better review PRs: CI jobs, build environment, etc.
          • Ian: whole Bio-Formats API in one DLL? Roger: yes, at the moment
          • Jean-Marie: remote attendance will be possible
    2. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:41 UK

      • Josh B has been updating 5.1 JARs, some of our library dependencies were on very old versions
      • multi-database support, testing OMERO with Oracle
      • improving coverage of digital pathology formats, for some Zeiss will need JPEG-XR
      • current plan is OMERO 4.4 will not support Java 8, certainly not for building
        • Roger: usage statistics indicate 4.4 usage sharply declining
    3. Consortium Update - 14:47 UK

      • Ian: new reader probably going into 5.0.4, covers known FLIM file formats
      • Ian: writing OME-TIFF plates now going well
      • Sebastien B: more reader memoizer PRs to come
      • Sebastien B: new Edinburgh OMERO server possibly coming soon, may be interested in workshop
      • Sebastien B: various users would much appreciate MapAnnotation
        • Jean-Marie: Gus is working on client mock-ups
      • Curtis: small progress on several fronts
      • Simon: WND-CHARM released
      • Simone: working on HDFS-aware, generally noting progress on Trello
      • Douglas: formed jQuery, jsTree plan; will be in Dundee at end of September
  3. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:56 UK

    1. Abstract deadlines in next week or so:
      • PyHPC2014 in New Orleans 29/08
        • Jean-Marie: would be a long way for a short meeting
      • SULSA in Edinburgh 31/08
      • BioImaging2015 in Lisbon 01/09
      • ASCB2014 in Philadelphia 03/09
        • Jean-Marie: no plan to attend
      • Jean-Marie: any other meetings of interest, note on Outreach board on Trello

Done 15:01 UK

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