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2014-08-19 Tuesday Team Meeting

Attending: Dundee: Kenny, Simon, Petr, Emil, Gus, Balaji, Blazej, Mark, Will, Jean-Marie, Roger, Helen, Simone Remote: Andreas, Seb S, Colin, Ian, Melissa, Seb B, Josh B, Curtis, Mark H, Kelli

Agenda - 2:27pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status

    1. Mainline - 14:28 UK

      • 5.0.4 status
        • Java 8 (Jean-Marie)
          • okay on client, see ome-devel thread
          • nothing back yet from Mark Woodbridge
          • issue with building with Java 8, running on Java 7
            • perhaps can set target at compile time
        • ND2 (Melissa)
          • PR imminent: functional changes done, performance improvements in progress
          • will take a look at 32-bit issue from Trello card
      • 5.1 status
        • Sebastien B: exposing C++ Bio-Formats artifacts on downloads page
          • plan to get them useful for 5.1
          • also plan to expose C++ OMERO artifacts
          • Roger: also Jenkins CI jobs now create C++ builds
          • Jean-Marie: see C++ card on Upcoming Features board
    2. Glencoe Update - 14:33 UK

      • Emil: not much, ROI discussion in September
    3. Consortium Update - 14:34 UK

      • Ian: some users of new FLIMfit release, will try out Will’s SPW download PR
      • Seb B: will be more use of Bio-Formats 5.1 so will be important to consider it a production build
      • Curtis: anonymous usage tracking short-lived due to privacy concerns
        • statistics would have been useful in funding applications and directing effort (plug-in popularity, etc.)
      • Simone: continuing pydoop work; CRS4 is currently closed
  3. AOB - 14:41 UK

    • Jean-Marie: submitted abstract for conference in Leuven, similar to Josh/Douglas’ San Francisco abstract; see Outreach Trello board

Done 14:42 UK

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