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2014-08-12 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Will, Blazej, Simon, Chris, JM, Gus, Andrew, June, Helen, Ola, Roger, Colin Remote: Seb S, Kelli, Stick, Ian, Josh B, Mark H, Melissa, Seb B, Wilma, Balaji, Douglas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Status

    • 5.0.3 is done! Helen is happy.

    • 5.0.4 - Java 8 - client is fixed with Java. Working on build. - Some other Mac security issues noted, but not Java 8-specific. - ND2

      • 5.0.4 will only have important bug-fixes.
    • 5.1.0 milestones re: Josh's email

      • See upcoming features Trello board.
      • Need some model pushes
      • Open PR for annotations should come out of “breaking” in next day or two
      • Units concept introduced but not used. Schema & xsd.fu.
        • Compiles OK for now, but breaks when units are introduced to objects
        • Length and Time are big tasks, maybe start with Pressure?
      • Rendering settings (for when Andrew is back).
        • First link relevant places to rdef model, then make changes in rdef itself.
      • Helen: 5.1 docs are live (not linked).
      • Ian - timescale? JM: model changes by November, RC by end of year.
  3. Glencoe Update (5 minutes)

    • Good meeting in NYC.
    • Series of bug-fixes coming, probably for 5.0 (5.0.4).
      • UI bugs and infrastructure bugs for web
      • Matlab toolbox fixes
      • Passwords hashed to latin1 - some characters not distinguised properly.
        • Causes problems when linking to other systems.
        • Encoding in web (POST, request etc) can lead to login failure.
      • ROI Model changes proposed (end of August)
      • Grouping and organising ROIs for UI features. Probably 5.1.
      • Cleanup of various properties E.g. namespace objects.
      • Andrew: re: units for font-sizes.
  4. Consortium Update (5 minutes)

    • Simon. Release nearing completion. Will need testing soon.
    • Seb S. -
    • Ian. Close to releasing BF enabled FLIMfit (maybe today)? SPW data questions. Want do enable plate data download. How to split data, not have too much xml etc.
    • Mark H. IJ2 RC11 released. Matlab components ready too, final tests before announcement
    • Seb B. - Helping with FLIMfit etc. In Dundee on Thursday. C++ 5.1 milestone 1 (not public release)
      • Matlab toolbox - also discuss on Thursday. Emil back Monday.
    • Douglas. - jsTree going well. Hopefully visit Dundee soon for final fixes.
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