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2014-07-29 Tuesday Team Meeting

Attending: Dundee: Jean-Marie, Kenny, Simon, Petr, Mark, Colin, Ola, Dominik, Roger, Andrew, Will, Balaji, Simone Remote: Kelli, Mark H, Seb B, Blazej, Ian, Douglas, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (5++ minutes) - 14:29 UK
      • artifactory stress testing went well
      • release plan
        • code PRs ready for merging
        • tiny last-minute help text PR from Sebastien B
        • couple of Bio-Formats PRs
        • hope to be ready to release by around 1600 today
        • release testing tomorrow on 5.0.3 board
          • octopus latest, maybe Windows servers
            • Kenny: Windows server available
              • currently has recommended versions of prerequisites
              • Sebastien B: may want to set up problematic nd2 files on it
                • Balaji: run nd2 job (compare czi)? Kenny: squig not mounted
            • Petr: Python / Ice version testing, combinations?
            • Jean-Marie: in testing deployments, good to test that search is working
        • stand-up is release board, no PR review
        • Roger: file formats testing?
          • Jean-Marie: not so much this time
      • Mark: do we test at all on server with minimum/lowest version number prerequisites?
        • Sebastien/Kenny: not at present
        • Kenny: would integration tests be sufficient?
          • Jean-Marie: features like search not adequately covered
  3. Consortium Update (5 minutes) - 14:44 UK

    • Sebastien B: migration to git completed
    • Ian: Yuriy’s OPT data is going into OMERO okay, rendering next
    • Ian: after 5.0.3 will ask about writing SPW
    • Douglas: had good meeting regarding Mathematica / Bio-Formats
      • Mathematica looks to be a good learning tool for non-programmers, will give it a go
        • cost-effective against image analysis alternatives
    • Curtis: Johannes leaving LOCI, returning to Germany, still consulting for LOCI
    • Curtis: about to release MATLAB scripting language for ImageJ (using MCL)
      • Douglas: also octave?
      • Curtis: probably not yet, but may be possible with effort, especially with feedback
    • Simone: helping with distributed feature calculation
      • working on issue with running on many images, possibly depends on Java version
      • Jean-Marie: basically following intended plan? Simone: yes
    • Simone: working on having OMERO (perhaps just managed repository) use HDFS paths
      • needed to update for pluggable backend for extension
        • Unicode also an issue, so needed UTF-8 encoding / decoding in pydoop
      • Jean-Marie: presentation with project status update in a couple of weeks?
        • Simone: perhaps, depending on progress; moving well, though
  4. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:58 UK

Done 15:00 UK

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