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2014-07-01 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Simon, Petr, Gus, Mark, Emil, June, Jean-Marie, Blazej, Helen, Andrew, Dominik, Balaji, Simone Remote: Josh, Sunil, Chris A, Stick, Curtis, Douglas, Ian, Kelli, Melissa (Webex only), Seb B, Seb S

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. June/CTIR Move:

    • building has been handed over
    • crates available from 7th July, E&B will be moving them on the 14th
      • make sure one is available for Will who will be back on the 14th
    • should use Thunderbolt screen boxes to move those
    • bags available for confidential waste
  2. Accepting minutes from last meeting - 14:36 UK

    • accepted
  3. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (5 minutes) - 14:36 UK

      • upcoming features board on Trello: to-do cards with checklists
        • [???] in checklist indicates item is yet to be picked up
      • most UI features done
        • Dominik working on Insight search UI
        • Will has a week after return for search UI work before code freeze for 5.0.3
      • nd2 work done, Melissa mostly to work on fake reader
      • Helen back, so documentation cards will be worked on
    2. Glencoe Update (5 minutes) - 14:41 UK

      • no large outstanding issues
      • been providing Ola, Will, Douglas feedback on PRs
    3. Consortium Update (5 minutes) - 14:43 UK

      • Simon: wnd-chrm beta release coming
      • Ian: using BF API to create OME-TIFFs, Yuriy working on OPT
      • Sebastien B: after migration of repository, introduction to git, etc. u-track release coming late summer
      • Douglas: working on jsTree, jQuery updates; commented on Gus’ gdoc
      • Sebastien S: working on QA issue, related to large number of files
      • Curtis: working on ImageJ2 bug-fixes, following the large changes
      • Simone: as explained on nitpick mailing list, split work into two parts
        • drive HPC jobs, schedule batch computations on hadoop cluster, from server OMERO.scripts, get results back into OMERO.server
        • provide OMERO more scalable back-end for floating-point numerical computations -- tables API is limited, need to slice huge arrays, etc.
          • some scalable back-ends are from hadoop ecosystem, some not (e.g., MongoDB)
          • aiming for back-end that works well on arrays of numerical data
  4. 'QA tools including Corgi and dogfish' - Josh (20-25 minutes plus 15 mins questions max) - 14:56 UK

    • automated assistance from corgi in getting uploaded QA files imported into dogfish
    • in due course, corgi could automate further things, via webhooks
      • for instance, for each PR from GitHub, have Jenkins do build with that PR merged, and then create docker image from it
    • see related cards on Trello boards
    • Jenkins already has jobs in the Docker view that build from the ome-docker GitHub repository
    • more about QA2 after Ola’s return
  5. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 15:20 UK

    1. new ome-help repository for Gus’ help site
      • PDFs to move to
    2. Presentations over the summer?
      • after Emil’s OpenCV presentation next week, suspend presentations until maybe start of September
      • can still give reports, etc. when need be
    3. Status of Developer Certificate of Origin?
      • defer until Jason is available

Done 15:25 UK

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