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2014-06-10 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Chris, Emil, Graeme, Mark, Gus, Kenny, Simon, Will, June, Ola, Dominik, Blazej, Andrew, Simone, Balaji Remote: Kelli, Roger, Ian, Josh, Melissa, Seb B, Jason, Stick, Wilma, Douglas, Helen, Colin, Seb S, Mark H, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (5 minutes) - 14:32 UK

      • 5.0.3 Tickets linked by trello
      • Josh: leave Paris trello board as record of meeting, other ideas welcome
        • Jean-Marie: better than keywords on trac
      • Helen: have gone back to linking to milestones on trac instead of GH, so need to make sure that trac is adequately populated
        • Josh: agreed, trello cards are just checklists by topic
    2. Glencoe Update (5 minutes) (Chris) - 14:36 UK

      • Carlos is finishing some things up
      • Josh B has moved on elsewhere
    3. Consortium Update (5 minutes) - 14:37 UK

      • Douglas: is bringing tag sets into the tree view
      • Curtis: shared summary of Paris feedback by e-mail
        • many ImageJ bug-fixes in progress
  3. Paris review - 14:40 UK

    • Chris: video recordings, including Thursday talks, are on squig in enormous files
      • need to get presentations from speakers
        • Andrew: now got four of six, may be worth proceeding with whatever we have by the end of the week
      • video isn’t great, may use audio with presentations
        • audio of questions also isn’t great for first couple of talks
    • Josh: may have been useful for FS round-table to have a recording of the Q&A
    • Jason: links to workshop presentations too
    • Josh: poster PDFs?
      • June will get presenter e-mail addresses to Andrew
    • Jason: plenty of positive feedback about the meeting
      • Simon: feedback questionnaire?
      • Jason: will indeed solicit feedback
  4. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 14:46 UK

    • welcome Simone Leo to Dundee for three months over the summer
    • Ola waiting for DB dump from Kenny for NA OMERO usage
    • next week will have OPT presentation from Imperial
      • Jean-Marie: circulate document from Sunil as latest? Ian will check.
      • Chris: will need to gather information on driving presentation, platform issues, etc.
        • Ian: could drive from Dundee end

Done 14:50 UK

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