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2014-05-13 Tuesday Team Meeting

  • Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Emil, Mark, June, Jason, Colin, Petr, Simon, Andrew, Dominik, Blazej, Ola, Jean-Marie, Balaji, Helen, Will, Roger, Chris,
  • Remote: Josh, Carlos, Stick, Mark H, Sebastien S, Sebastien B, Kelli, Ian, Melissa, Wilma, Douglas, Andreas

Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (5 minutes) - 5.0.2 Only

      • Testing plan - Limitations, etc.
        • Windows! cpp & import issues.
      • 12 open tickets -
      • Items in flight other than PRs:
        • C++ builds for Windows
        • Converting attached files to filesets (PR in preparation (Josh)).
        • Mark: several open PRs (~20) - what needs to be merged?
      • Helen: docs PRs.
      • Will: some PRs to rebase (today)
      • Will: OMERO.figure next release RC
      • JM: Shared settings mostly done.
      • Melissa: maybe one more PR
      • Any particular worries?
      • otherwise: All PRs by EOB Thursday; RC1 on Friday
      • Josh: may not get all in, but will try to prepare testing build
    2. Glencoe Update (5 minutes)

    3. 4 or 5 PRs from Glencoe currently

    4. Mostly ready to review by end of today

    5. Emil - populate_metadata script in Glencoe scripts repo. Ready but may not be tested etc in time for 5.0.2

    6. Consortium Update (5 minutes)

    7. Mark H: Fiji stitching release. Curtis making good progress on Imagej2/OMERO

    8. Ian - Beta rc of BF-FlimFit sent to a few people to test

    9. Simon - OMERO.featurs e-mails. Nightshade data crunching...

  3. Paris workshop prep status (10 mins)

    1. Installation (Kenny)

    2. Trouble-shooting rather than full run-through.

    3. Will ask e-mail lists for any requests.

    4. Otherwise will take questions.

    5. Re-Title: OMERO in the real world

    6. Probably won’t need projector

    7. FS import (Colin)

      • First draft of rough slides now done - combined Mark
      • Additional graffling will be done Wed.
      • Additional text and notes added at same time
    8. Web (Ola) slides

    9. Draft is in progress (see link)

    10. Ola added some live examples into presentation

    11. We’ll aim to customise based on attendees

    12. Integration (Simon/Balaji)

    13. Matlab integration, tests

    14. ‘How to integrate your existing tool with OMERO’

    15. Integration of analysis

    16. JM: Java gateway

    17. Ian’s presentation on flimFit integration is on squig

  4. Simon: ask on lists if anyone else wants to demo software.

  5. Documentation - current state and plans for Paris - presentation by Helen (20-25 minutes plus 15 mins questions max)

    • 4 sets of text-based docs linked from ome homepage

    • OMERO, BF, Help guides

    • OMERO

      • Sysadmin docs need most attention
      • Has most TODOs and gets lots of feedback.
      • Import scenarios
      • Add more walkthroughs etc
      • Developers: API ‘release’ docs now linked. Need to update over summer
      • Users: mostly replaced by help
      • Help guides: focus on getting guides for utrack, mtools, CellProfiler for Paris
    • BioFormats

      • Users section not ideal - needs work
      • Command line tools - need some help adding content etc. Andrew
      • Curtis - 3 tutorials linked from current docs
      • Melissa - let’s discuss best way forward
      • Roger - could auto-generate man pages
      • Developers: link to API docs not yet pointing at release version
    • OME Model

      • recent schema change
    • Contributing

      • sbesson has done a lot of work. Lots of info here now
      • Dev standards and team communication pages needs work
    • Partner pages

      • Let Helen know asap if a page needs updating
    • FAQs review and update in progress

    • Blog may be able to go live by Paris

      • Need content from Jason
      • Install walkthrough from Stick?
    • Paris focus: sysadmin, new help guides, tidy, partner pages

    • Trello notifications - configurable? use notifications page instead of e-mail?

    • Jason: what’s next after Paris?

    • Helen: summer API doc fixes

    • Jason: maybe stabalise docs and see what people are looking at, feedback etc.

    • Will: github banner link from ome homepage

    • Ian: BF work could be contributed to docs

  6. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled)

    1. Paris computing infrastructure requirements (e.g., OMERO servers and configuration for workshops) being communicated to Kenny?

    2. Kenny - no requests for server setup yet

    3. Jason - don’t rely on Dundee servers

    4. Douglas - nice to be able to give attendees an account on demo server

    5. Ola - port 80 (web) open etc? Yes - should be OK.

    6. Final decision on BF 4.4 Fiji update site - definitely not happening? Do we write to the lists once more before making a final decision or just point people at work-around on help site?

    7. Helen: Need to document workaround.

    8. Jason: one more e-mail. Johannes response.

    9. Curtis OK with it (4.4 not supported)

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