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2014-05-06 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Petr, Andrew, Chris, Balaji, Will, Mark, Colin, Blazej, Jean-Marie, June, Simon, Roger, Graeme, Emil Remote: Stick, Mark H, Sebastien S, Kelli, Douglas, Carlos, Gus, Wilma, Sebastien B, Melissa, Ian, Curtis, Helen, Jason

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (Jean-Marie) (5 minutes) - 14:33 UK

      • PRs under review that fix tickets
        • including Bio-Formats, rendering settings
        • on track for 5.0.2 freeze at end of next week
        • will largely ignore 5.1 PRs next week
    2. Glencoe Update (Chris) (5 minutes) - 14:36 UK

      • tagging almost ready
      • discussing show infrastructure with Will, PR imminent
        • plenty more unit tests
      • working with Carlos on performance PRs, hopefully this week
    3. Consortium Update (5 minutes) - 14:37 UK

      • Douglas: good meeting last week in Sussex
      • Sebastien B: expecting some light sheet data will become available
  3. Paris workshop prep status (10 minutes)

    • June: 89 registered, registration closes tomorrow, most travel finalized

      • once registration closes, can circulate list in case it informs workshop preparation
      • will be discussing logistics for building/facility with Pasteur
        • needs to know what is expected: large monitors, power adapters, etc.
      • Chris: question of audio / video streams for remote attendees (available networking?)
      • Jean-Marie: compose list of questions
    • Installation (Kenny on leave)

    • FS import (Mark/Colin/Josh) - 14:46 UK

      • discussion after Josh's "Paris workshops" mail to nitpick
        • assuming it is possible to adopt somewhat presentation-style format
      • Mark drafted some slides for FS part, Colin will help with graffling diagrams
      • Josh has initial thoughts noted for his slides
      • Mark and Colin have time next week to work on further slides and to help with Josh's
      • slides drafted by end of next week
      • can use projector, but will need to use partitions between modules
    • Web (Ola) - 14:49 UK

      • Jean-Marie: see google doc
      • Will: started framework for online talk
    • Integration (Simon/Balaji) - 14:51 UK

      • Simon: TV screen would be helpful, Ivan will put a demo together
    • Jean-Marie: will schedule meeting with Ian, Sebastien B, on Friday about MATLAB

  4. Testing Framework - presentation by Colin & Blazej (20-25 minutes plus 15 mins questions max) - 14:56 UK

    • PDFs available
    • Chris: with so many tests, setup/teardown must be as fast as possible
    • Jason: limitations from hardware capacity, etc. can perhaps be addressed, so speak up about them
  5. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 15:41 UK

    1. OK to remove Ice 3.3 support for 5.1 Jenkins jobs? (Roger)
      • no objections
      • Sebastien B: update downloads page, check release pipeline, etc.

Done 15:45 UK

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