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2014-04-29 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Chris, Gus, June, Mark, Andrew, Jean-Marie, Ola, Petr, Balaji, Dominik, Helen, Blazej, Roger, Emil, Simon Remote: Mark H, Josh M, Ian, Colin, Wilma, Sebastien S, Michael, Josh B, Curtis, Carlos

Agenda - 14:30 Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (15 minutes max)

    1. Mainline (5 minutes) (Josh) - 14:33 UK

    2. Glencoe Update (5 minutes) (Chris) - 14:40 UK

      • PRs have been opened, merged
      • OMERO.web dev_5_0 unit and integration tests running
      • tagging discussions reaching resolution
      • more to come on metadata, maybe a couple of scripts in the next week or so
        • mostly around bulk annotations, so will coordinate with Petr
        • testing issues yet to resolve (who/how to check)
    3. Consortium Update (5 minutes) - 14:42 UK

      • Curtis: completed ImageJ restructuring, to make simpler and more maintainable
        • each component in its own git repository
      • Curtis: will be working on OMERO 5 update site, and bug-fixing
      • Ian: will be working on getting acquisition software to write OME-TIFFs, will need help with difficulties with modulo annotations
        • Jean-Marie: given warning of questions, could discuss in Paris
  3. Paris Workshops round-table - 14:46 UK

    • June: 81 registrations, 2 pending, deadline May 1st
    • June: travel for the team is done, travel for others still in progress
    • Please read the Paris 2014 gdoc
      • Jean-Marie: question of how to run workshops, can be less formal
        • Jean-Marie: a concern is noise from one workshop rendering another unintelligible
        • Andrew: can run them concurrently, there are enough people
        • Jean-Marie: having three modules may help with sound transfer
        • Jean-Marie: just a few people gathering around each workshop provider, instead of a larger presentation with projector
      • Jean-Marie: are we okay with general streams offered (from gdoc)? Anything missing? Speak up this week if not.
      • Jean-Marie: each stream needs coordinator(s), report each week on workshop progress
        • coordinators assigned on gdoc
      • Jean-Marie: demo workshops last week of May
      • Chris: if Glencoe help is needed with prep, let us know
  4. AOB (5 mins max - technical discussions should be highlighted to relevant people and rescheduled) - 15:11 UK

    • nothing

Done 15:12 UK

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